What To Serve With Bruschetta Appetizer? [4 Main Courses]

Appetizers are one of the biggest attractions of a proper meal. It really speaks about your personality and class in what you serve.

And if your appetizer is bruschetta, then you have set high bars. And that’s good taste. But now, the new pressure is to serve something equally great as the main course.

What to serve with bruschetta appetizer?

Firstly, you can serve steaks with it, preferably sirloins. Then, you can give sloppy joes for a more casual meal. For something light, you can add a green salad with simple toppings. If you want something funky, you can serve this bruschetta-chicken bake as a fusion dish. 

If you’re looking for more information on this, then you’re at the right place! Don’t hesitate to read further. 

Let’s go!

4 Reasons Bruschetta Appetizer is the Best!

If we talk about versatility, bruschetta really takes the cake. It has both the class and the taste for it. 

But it seems like bruschetta has a fan base in every ground for appropriate reasons. Let’s see what it contributed to its fame, shall we:

Reason 1: Refreshing!

Bruschetta has fresh toppings on it. Usually, tomatoes, lemon juice, cucumber, and feta cheese. 

These are the best combo for a summer vibe. Also, the hint of coriander makes the dish extra appealing.

Reason 2: Easy-to-Make!

The recipe for classic bruschetta is pretty easy. The ingredients are easy to find and very cheap as well. 

Its making procedure is the easiest. All you have to do is to bring the bread, and the toppings together, and viola! You’ve got yourself a meal! 

Reason 3: Goes with Everything!

Bruschetta gives off the summer-night fancy delight vibes the most. But it doesn’t mean you can’t pack it up some other time.

Here’s where bruschetta is special. You can make it aside for anything. Or you can eat it up as a stand-alone. Whatever pleases you.

Reason 4: Healthy and Tasty!

Here’s the catch, unlike most appetizers, bruschetta is actually healthy. Along with that, it’s also filled with delicious goodness. 

There’s a stigma about good nutritious food not tasty. Bruschetta breaks that law. Its equal part in both sectors makes it special and wanted.

Other than that, it could be served to everyone. That includes people with allergies and vegans if you just modify the cheese a bit. You can use some stiff peanut butter for dressing.

4 Hit Dishes to Serve with Bruschetta Appetizer

As we have seen the greatness of bruschetta till now. It could be served as a snack, or side dish. Or a main course depending on how you serve it. 

But today we are talking about the kind of main course to be served with bruschetta. Now,  we need a dish that is equally fitting with it, don’t we? 

Let’s go check a list of the main menu to serve with bruschetta appetizer:

Dish 1: Steak Meal

Steaks are great all by themselves but bruschetta fills in for the perfect side dish. Especially if you are serving sirloins. 

Bruschetta complements the fatty texture of the sirloins. It adds to the flavors greatly and lives a great aftertaste for the steak email later. 

You’ve failed to reduce smoke from the searing steaks. Then this will help you to even out the flavor.  

Dish 2: Sloppy Joe

This one is not a traditional dish. But could actually be given side by side with the bruschetta.

Even though sloppy joes are not a usual main dish, they are highly consumed. During the game day, this number multiplied.

And bruschetta with a hint of garlic and ricotta as cheese would make it better.

Dish 3: Pasta 

Now if we are gonna talk about an Italian dish, we cannot ignore pasta. Any kind of pasta like ravioli, penne, spaghetti, etc. will go greatly with bruschetta.

Here’s the catch, make sure to bake your baguette a bit more to make it crunchy. It will add to the sloppy pasta and make it more appetizing. 

Aside from that, don’t sprinkle cheese if your pasta has cheese as well. Double cheese stuffing might sound tasty now, but not as appetizing.

Dish 4: Creamy Bruschetta Chicken Bake

This one is a new dish to serve. Fun fact: you can serve it together with the bruschetta just as both a snack and a main course. Let me tell you how.

So, take your baguette and rub garlic on top of it. Now add shredded chicken along with your favorite cheese as toppings. Here, gouda or mozzarella is more preferred. 

Now, put it in your oven and wait until the cheese melts. Set the right temperature in the oven as you wouldn’t have the time to cook something at 350 instead of 375.

You can skip tomatoes for this and can add something else. My personal favorite is canned sweet corn.

Do try them out and see if you love them as much as I do or not. Hope you like it!

Now, by the end of the article, I hope you like bruschetta a bit more than before. Other than that, enjoy good food, and have a good life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bruschetta considered a healthy snack?

Yes, it is. Bruschetta is made with bread, tomatoes, and feta cheese. All three of these ingredients are healthy and packed with nutrients. Also, bruschetta is low-fat, and low in calories as well.

What soups are to be served with bruschetta?

Bruschetta could be served with any soup. But chicken and tomato are highly encouraged. They complement each other well if served together. 

Can we freeze bruschetta?

Yes, we can freeze bruschetta. However, it’s not recommended as it will later make the bread soggy and the flavors will lose their edge. It’s better if it’s eaten fresh.


Now you know what to serve with the bruschetta appetizer! Hope this made you hungry and gave you an insight into what you were looking for.

Bruschetta is a simple, easy yet elegant dish to serve. Anybody with good taste will instantly fall in love with it. Its simplicity and taste make it the perfect appetizer.

Hope you enjoy bruschetta as much as I do and try all these recommendations. Until next time.

Happy holidays! 

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