How to Clean Your Gut Naturally

Staying healthy requires dedication in choosing what to consume and what not to. However, it is impossible to always go for healthy foods because it’s not always what we crave. It’s essential to understand and heed the bad signs that your digestive system may throw at you. If ignored, your immune system may get weak leading to illnesses and health complications. Here are signs of an unhealthy gut.

Signs Of an Unhealthy Gut

1. Persistent Digestive Discomfort

Digestive discomfort manifests in the form of heartburn, gas, bloating, and cramping, among others. An imbalance of gut bacteria mainly causes these digestive issues. If you experience these problems more frequently than before, consider taking a glass of green juice.

2. Constipation

Without a doubt, constipation is an indicator of an unhealthy or leaky gut if it happens more consistently. Constipation is brought about by the lack or existence of low amounts of water in your digestive tract to enable waste to pass through. You need to take note of any changes in your bowel movements. Such indicators call for a shift in your gut health routines.

3. Chronic Fatigue

Feeling tired is normal, but if it becomes long-standing, you might be having gut problems. Your body produces a hormone called serotonin whose function, among others, is to maintain your sleep cycle. If in low supply, you may have to endure more hours of discomfort.

4. Unintentional weight fluctuations

Having an underperforming digestive system inhibits your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and utilize your blood sugar. These changes, coupled with the overgrowth of digestive bacteria found in your small intestines, may cause weight fluctuations. These health issues should prompt you to clean your gut regularly.

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How to Clean Your Gut

How to Clean Your Gut

As we encourage you to drink green juice for a healthy gut, there are a few things you need to also do to achieve faster results.

1. Eat Only Organic

One of the essences of green juice is the detoxification of your body. Ingesting inorganic greens or other foods introduces more harmful chemicals to your digestive system. This may stress your liver and result in health complications.

2. Keep off Sugar

Taking much-processed sugar in high amounts disrupts the balance of bacteria and hormones, causing inflammation. The solution is to find sugar-rich fruits and vegetables that will replace harmful processed sugar.

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3. Better Your Sleep

Sleep provides for the rejuvenation of the body cells. Taking less sleep than required negatively affects your gut. Soon after, your gut may take longer to perform its functions. To counter this, consider creating a sleeping pattern and avoid taking caffeinated drinks a few hours before you sleep.

4. Take More Water

The whole of your body’s processes and systems such as the immunity system depend on water to perform best. Your cells and by large the digestive system need to stay hydrated. Water preserves the optimum conditions for your gut.

5. Track Your Consumption

Everyone’s body responds differently to different foods. Your gut knows what’s best for you. There are signs of this, and you should look out for them. Take note of the foods causing gut discomfort and stay away from them.

Benefits of the Gut Cleaning Process

As you clean your gut, other amazing things will happen to your body as well. One major change will be in your digestion, where food is digested with ease and without causing constipation. Here are other benefits of cleaning your gut with green juice.

1. Weight loss

Green juices carry soluble nutrients with fewer calories that are easily absorbed. Their ease of absorption reduces the possibility of excess nutrients getting stacked in your body.

2. Improves Your Immune System

The various nutrients and minerals found in leafy greens serve to boost your immunity. These nutrients feed the cells enabling them to perform their functions as required.

3. Energy Provision

The much-needed nutrients found in green juices play the role of rejuvenating your cells and by extension, your body. This ensures you have sufficient energy to carry on with your day’s activities.

4. Slows Aging

Vitamin A, which is commonly found in green juice, ensures the growth of cells and their regeneration takes place. Such biological processes keep your skin looking younger and glowing while reducing wrinkles.

5. Detoxification

Your liver is mostly the organ responsible for the purification of the blood. Its tasks involve regulating the levels of chemicals in the blood. In this regard, green juice helps in maintaining just the right pH conditions for the liver to detoxify. These toxins include excess oils which are expelled through sweating, leaving your body feeling fresh.

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How to Prepare a Green Juice

Through research, we have found that the darker the leafy greens, the more health benefits they bring to your body. For the best results, you need not add sugar to your juice. Kales, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, parsley, Swiss chard, and wheatgrass are some vegetables to consider. The next step is coming up with the right mix of greens. Blending different vegetables makes them more appealing to the eyes. Finding a good juicer that maximizes the juice output is your next task. As always juices are best served cold because this state enhances their taste and refreshes your body. It would also help to share the juice with others who are also concerned about their gut health.

Going The Healthy Way

Most people are not aware of the importance of consuming fermented food. Such foods help to strengthen the good bacteria living in your gut, improving your digestion and immune system. Committing to maintaining a clean gut pays off over time. Proper gut health practices rid you of avoidable discomforts. To improve your gut health take a few glasses of green juice every week. Be sure to rotate the vegetables used to maximize your benefits. If need be, only use fruits as sweeteners.