Green Juice Benefits: Health & Skin Superfood Powder Benefits

6 Key Benefits of Drinking Green Juice and Superfood Powder

Green juices, either fresh or from a superfood powder, are getting more popular each day as people become conscious of their health. This shift is primarily guided by the health benefits that come with drinking such juices. It’s much easier for most people to consume a glass full of condensed fruits and vegetables than to eat them. Additionally, the juices’ color makes them attractive to the eyes, making it hard for you to turn them down. Here are 6 major benefits of taking green juice.

1. Delays Aging

If you are worried about your skin appearance as you age, consider taking a glass of blended leafy greens regularly. Vegetables such as spinach have anti-oxidation nutrients that increase your body’s hydration making your skin glow. Without these nutrients, excess oils and dead cells build up around your hair follicles, causing acne. Vitamin A is responsible for cell growth and regeneration, which rids you of wrinkles. Among others, vitamins such as C and E protect your skin from oxidative damage by reducing inflammation caused by the sun.

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2. Detoxification

As we eat other foods, we are constantly exposing our immune system to toxins. These toxins include the excess food that was not digested. If left to accumulate, they can damage your liver and immensely weaken your immunity. Your liver is the organ most responsible for getting rid of toxins. Green juice provides the liver with the right nutrients and alkalinity conditions to regulate the blood’s chemical levels.

3. Provides Energy

Your body takes much longer to break down solid foods than fluids, consequently slowing the absorption of nutrients. With green juice, its nutrients are absorbed much faster as they come in soluble states providing more energy to the drinker. If you drink green, these power-packed nutrients flow with much ease into your blood system. This serves to ensure that you have enough energy flow to keep up with your day’s activities. The ease of absorption of green juice makes it a reliable energy source for those that urgently need energy. They can be a lifesaver for people out of surgery rooms whose digestive organs may not respond well to solid foods.

4. Improves Digestion

Your immune system is highly dependent on your digestive system. Green juice contains important digestive enzymes and bacteria that facilitate the absorption of nutrients. Leafy greens, which are usually packed with enzymes, come in handy in maintaining your body’s enzyme levels, improving your health. Your body requires digestive enzymes and prebiotics to function effectively. The digestion of food is slowed down without these enzymes or when in low supply. Food is wasted as some nutrients are not absorbed as a result of reduced body efficiency.

5. Weight Loss

We have also found out that green juice can play a vital role in your weight loss journey. You gain weight mostly by accumulating excess nutrients stacked in your body to be used when needed. In its natural state, green juice has low sugar levels making it safe for your consumption.

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6. Body Healing and Repair

Green juices also contain amino acids responsible for your body’s healing, repair, growth, and development. The nutrients and minerals found in such juices help improve your immune system and solve the question of how to clean your gut. For example, zinc reduces your risk of catching a cold or flu. Some leafy greens used in juicing contain more calcium than milk, a key nutrient for your bones’ growth and development. Additionally, these juices relieve constipation by aiding the contraction of the colon. This contraction attracts water, making it easy for waste to pass through.

Should You Take Green Juices?

Your body is in constant need of nutrients and energy, and a glass of green juice provides all that. Preparation of green juice takes shorter than most foods, given that some juicers require no cutting of the greens completely. Your task remains washing them and to wait for your refreshment in minutes, if not seconds.

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Unlike cooking, which may easily kill nutrients if the temperature is not moderated, juicing preserves the nutrients your immune system requires. Remember, a glass of green juice a day helps to keep the cardiologist away. And to get the most out of green juice, stick to the organic ones. Taking inorganic juices piles pressure on your liver, whose main function is to eliminate the same harmful chemicals found in them. As you enjoy your glass of green juice, remember they are not food substitutes but merely complementary. That said, the above juice benefits should be enough to prompt you to pick a juice recipe and treat yourself.