Can You Freeze Scones? (Step by Step Guide)

Scones are popularly loved baked goods from Britain. They are loved by many people across the world too because of how easy they are to make. These lightly sweetened baked treats can be eaten with jam, cheese, dry fruits, vanilla glaze and so much more. Not to forget, served with a side of hot tea! Scones are a favorite snack in England and an excellent breakfast idea everywhere. 

Scones are great. Period. But here’s the doubt: Can you freeze scones to enjoy later?

Can You Freeze Scones?

Yes, scones can be frozen. It is safe to freeze scones regardless of whether they are baked or unbaked. Ideally, you can reheat and enjoy baked scones for up to 3 months after freezing. With unbaked scones, you can store them in the freezer for about 3 weeks. Unbaked scones do not require thawing, unlike the baked ones; you can pop them in the oven right from the freezer!

Scones freeze very well but this also depends on how you freeze them. It is essential to know how to freeze scones, baked or unbaked, for safe consumption later on. Continue reading this post to learn how to appropriately freeze scones for step-by-step guidance and more! 

How to Freeze Scones

Freezing scones is incredibly simple and only requires a few steps. Unbaked scones and baked ones have slightly different methods of storage. We have talked about both down below!

How to freeze unbaked scones?

Step 1: Prepare your scone mixture and cut up the dough into scone shapes of your liking.

Step 2: Place the scones spatially on a baking tray. Make sure you’ve lined the tray with either cling wrap or paper.

Step 3: Now, let the baking tray sit in the freezer and allow the dough to freeze. An hour or two is sufficient for the dough to freeze.

This is to ensure that the dough does not clump up and form a bigger mass by sticking to one another.  

Step 4: After the scone dough has frozen enough and turned solid, take them out of the freezer. Next, pack these scones in an airtight container by placing each one, one by one. 

You can place them on top of each other if you need the extra space, as well. You can line a baking sheet in between the layers too. 

Step 5: Once you’ve packed all the scones in the box, they are ready to pop in the freezer. Make sure you’ve secured the lid tightly to prevent your scones from suffering from freezer burns.

You can label the box along with the date of freezing to keep track of how long are going to stay fresh. Unbaked scones stay fresh for about 3-4 weeks, so feel free to enjoy them till then! 

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How to freeze baked scones?

Step 1: If you have just baked your scones, it is essential to let them cool down.

Step 2: Next, secure each scone by wrapping them firmly in aluminum foil or cling sheets.

Step 3: Place all the packed scones in a freezer bag. Make sure you remove all the air from the bag before storage.

Step 4: Lastly, label the bag with the date of freezing and it’s ready to stick in the freezer.

How to Thaw Scones

There are different methods to freezing baked and unbaked scones. Similarly, thawing is different for baked and unbaked scones as well.

Thawing baked scones

Take the scones out from the freezer and place them in the refrigerator. Leave them in the refrigerator overnight to allow them to thaw.

After they are thawed you will see they’ve softened. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees to toss them in when you’ve taken them out. Line the baking tray with parchment paper and heat it for about 8 to 10 minutes.

If you cannot use an oven, microwaves work too. Just pop them on high at intervals of 10 to 15 seconds. You can tell they are done once they turn a nice golden-brown color.

Do you need your scones thawed immediately? Don’t worry! You can quickly defrost them in the microwave at a low setting. This will allow them to thaw gradually and completely.

Ensure you don’t overheat them or leave them in there for a very long time. This is a common mistake while heating scones in a microwave that results in hardening.

Thawing unbaked scones

So, here’s the thing: unbaked scones don’t need to be thawed! You can pop them in the oven 

Use some parchment paper to line a baking tray. Spread your scones out on the tray uniformly to make sure they do not stick to each other due to expanding in the heat.

Just wait for about 15 to 20 minutes before they turn a pretty golden-brown and they’re ready to go!

Freezing and Defrosting Tips

Here are some ways you can make your freezing and thawing process better:

Separately wrapping the scones: Wrap each scone individually either in plastic wrap or aluminum foil. This will protect each scone from oxidation and suffering from freezer burns.

Using egg wash after thawing: This is a trick you can use to make pre-made scones even better! Once you are done defrosting unbaked scones, use some egg wash to brush them with. You can also use milk or cream and even sprinkle some sugar over them. 

Heating the oven in advance: If you don’t think transferring scones to the oven right out of the freezer is the best idea, here’s something you can try. Arrange the frozen scones on a baking sheet and put them in the oven.

You can then turn the oven on for it to preheat. This way, your scones with thaw while your oven heats up to bake them! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you freeze cheese scones?

Yes, you can freeze cheese scones. All you need to do is freeze them individually on a baking tray on some parchment paper.

Once they fully freeze, transfer them to a box or a sealable bag. Make sure you don’t overpack the scones to avoid the risk of them being crushed.

Frozen cheese scones stay good for up to 3 months. You can reheat them whenever to enjoy them according to your needs.

Can you freeze potato scones?

Yes, you can freeze potato scones. If you still have them in their packaging, you stick them in your freezer right away. If you are willing to put in the extra effort, you can also pack each one individually.

Frozen potato scones last up to 3 months in the freezer. You can always freeze leftover potato scones too. However, we recommend you only freeze the unbaked ones.

Can you freeze uncooked scones?

Yes, you can freeze uncooked scones. If you are someone that prefers freezing uncooked scones rather than cooked ones, go for it! The same procedure applies.

Freeze the scones on a baking tray lined with parchment paper until they are solid. You can then transfer them to airtight containers or sealable bags and heat them when you need them for up to 3 months.

Can you freeze store-bought scones?

Yes, you can freeze store-bought scones. You can freeze them in airtight containers or sealable bags and pop them in the freezer. You can reheat them to eat whenever you want for up to 3 months.

Can you freeze baked scones?

Yes, you can freeze baked scones. If you have made one too many scones, feel free to freeze them and use them for later. Store them in airtight containers to keep all the air out to ensure your scones don’t get freezer burns.

Can you freeze drop scones?

Yes, you can freeze drop scones. Drop scones may be called scones but they are more similar to pancakes. Regardless, drop scones are just as safe to freeze as regular scones. 

Can you freeze lemonade scones?

Yes, you can freeze lemonade scones. Like most other scones, lemonade scones are safe to freeze as well. Just make sure you follow the few simple steps to freeze them properly and you’re good to go! 

Can you freeze pumpkin scones?

Yes, you can freeze pumpkin scones. You can freeze them in airtight containers or freezer bags and can be easily thawed at room temperature. They make for a great snack for the fall for you to enjoy!

Can freeze scones dough?

Yes, you can freeze scones dough. You cannot avoid the slight quality alteration in the taste and texture of scones when you freeze them. So, if you want your scones to taste as fresh as possible, freezing scones dough is a great idea.

You will hardly be able to taste a difference when you thaw the dough and bake them into scones.

Just portion out the dough for each scone separately and put them all into a larger container or freezer bag. You can reheat it whenever you want for up to 3 months.

Can you freeze scones with icing?

Yes, you can freeze scones with icing. One thing you need to make sure of while following the procedure to freeze scones is that they dry fully. This way, you can make sure they don’t stick to the freezer bag when you pop them in cold storage. 

Can you freeze buttermilk scones?

Yes, you can freeze buttermilk scones. Buttermilk scones are safe to freeze both before and after they have been baked. In the case of baked buttermilk scones, make sure they have fully cooled down before you pop them in the freezer.

Storing hot scones directly in the freezer will end in a lot of moisture accumulation. This will ultimately alter the quality of your buttermilk scones.

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We’ve reached the end of the article. Scones are an excellent idea for breakfast, a snack and if you’re not too health-conscious, maybe lunch too!

Scones are here to cater to your sweet tooth as well; how could you not love them? Scones are also super versatile.

You can eat them with jam, and cream and also have them savory if that’s what you’re in the mood for. 

We bet you’re relieved to know that scones are absolutely freezable; both baked and unbaked. In fact, all scones are freezer safe.

Let it be the plain ones, or the ones with raisins, dried, fruit, cheese, pumpkin and so, so many more kinds!

All you need to make sure of is that you follow a few simple steps to freeze them the correct way.

Once you’ve got that down, you have some amazing baked goods waiting for you in the freezer, whenever you fancy them!