Can you Freeze Egg Foo Young? (Explained)

Have you made an Egg Foo Young and are now considering freezing the leftover for later use?

Or you might be considering making an Egg Foo Young and freezing it but are confused if doing so is the right thing or not. Whatever the case, you’ve landed on the right article to help you out in this process.  

Can You Freeze Egg Foo Young?

You can definitely freeze Egg Foo young and use it later on. However, make sure you place its gravy and omelet in separate containers when stored in the freezer. 

This post will answer all questions about Egg Foo Young and why this flavorful fish is well-deserving to be had either in breakfast, brunch, or dinner.

This meal is called differently depending on the place and exact ingredients. Some call it Egg Fu Young or Egg Foo Young, while others call it Egg Foo Yung. The most prominent ingredients of this appetizing meal are vegetables and eggs. This homemade meal is worth trying.

For more on this delicious recipe, keep reading our article until the end. 

What is Egg Foo Young?

If we talk about the origin of this dish, then it is an Asian Omelet dish with lots of ingredients. American and French omelets are usually made with different combinations of vegetables and other ingredients, but the Egg Foo Young is an egg pancake with other healthy ingredients.

It comes in many flavors, such as Chicken Egg Foo Young, Shrimp Egg Foo Young, and many others. Let’s talk about them all briefly.

Chicken Egg Foo Young

This is the most common variant of Egg Foo Young. This dish is a combination of many other ingredients along with the chicken. Not only that, but ham is one of the main ingredients in this dish. 

Let’s have a quick look over its ingredients.

  • Mix vegetables. You can add as many vegetables as you want. 
  • Ham. This ingredient is a kind of processed meat. We do not recommend using it as, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), any kind of processed meat should be avoided as much as we can as it can cause cancer. Ham, too, comes in the category of Group 1 Carcinogen, and that’s the reason why we do not recommend you use it.
  • Chicken breast piece. First, slightly cook it, then shred it to use it as shredded chicken. Chicken in shredded form is preferable here.
  • Well-chopped garlic
  • Fresh eggs
  • Sesame oil. This makes a huge difference in making these ingredients into the delicious Chicken Egg Foo Young. Take as much oil as the number of vegetables and other ingredients into it.

These ingredients, when mixed up, do magic in this dish.

Shrimp Egg Foo Young

If you are craving seafood, you can try this option as well. Just take out the shrimps from your freezer and cook them well until they get soft. 

We recommend you chop these shrimps with a knife so that they can be mixed with other ingredients as well. 

Let’s see what other things do we need to make this omelet.

  • Vegetables. Add different vegetables of your choice for taste.
  • Fresh eggs.
  • Any oil that you usually use.
  • Shrimps. Take as much as you want. If you want to have a light omelet, then 1 cup is enough. Otherwise, you can add up to 1.5 cups, and remember, it will probably become too heavy for you. We recommend you use fewer vegetables if you are using more shrimp.

Just cook them all for a while and serve them warm.

Additional Garnishes

Why not serve the delicious Egg Foo Young with some more garnishes? Yes, adding some more light vegetables to this dish can adore your dinner. Just add one teaspoon of sesame oil into your frying pan and add these vegetables into it. Cook it on a medium-low flame until they get tender. We bet it will not take more than 10 minutes. Let’s see what things you can add to Egg Foo Young.

  • Onions
  • Green onions
  • Carrots
  • Bell peppers
  • Mushrooms

What to do When Egg Foo Young is Left?

If you’ve made Egg Foo Young in a huge amount and now you are thinking of storing it, here’s an essential tip for you. To store Egg Foo Young, some people cook gravy with it and store it in a separate container, and it helps in lengthening the life of the container. 

Just remember to keep them in separate containers. Otherwise, you will not be able to heat them again and reuse them.

Can you freeze Egg Foo Young?

Although we’ve answered this question above, we want to elaborate on it a little further. This is a commonly asked question, and we always say, “Why Not?”. You can definitely freeze them for as much time as you want, but the key is to store the gravy and the omelet in two separate containers. 

You can easily keep the omelet in the freezer for a month, and gravy can be kept for even two months. Note that the containers you use to freeze them must be air-tight or must be zippered from all sides. 

How to use Egg Foo Young Again?

There are two ways of reusing the Egg Foo Young. Let’s discuss both of these.

Frozen Egg Foo Young

If you have previously frozen it, then there is a procedure to reuse this omelet. Take a baking sheet (some people call it a cookie sheet as well) and put the omelet on it. Do not fold the sheet and place the omelet on a single layer of this sheet. 

Now place the sheet with omelet over it into the microwave. Set the temperature to 375 degrees Fahrenheit and wait for 15 to 17 minutes. Keep an eye on it as it heats up. If it gets brown in 3 to 4 minutes, you can set a piece of foil over the omelet. 

When you think it is looking fresh as before, just take the omelet out and enjoy it.

Refrigerated Egg Foo Young

If you’ve already packed the Egg Foo Young and placed it in the refrigerator, you don’t have to worry. You can heat it on a stove. Just take out the pan, set it on the stove, sprinkle oil on it, and put the omelet. Cook it on a low flame. 

Enjoy it when you think it is all cooked from every side.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add spices and other veggies in Egg Foo Young?

Yes, the ingredients and veggies that you add in Egg Foo Young are easy to grab. You can add spices and make as many adjustments as you want.

How is Egg Foo Young different from an omelet?

The difference is the ingredients that you add in both. Mostly an omelet is fried until it gets brown, but Egg Foo Young requires a little more frying, and it’s fully ready when it becomes golden brown.

Final Words

The recipe of Egg Foo Young is not limited to certain ingredients, and we recommend you serve it with beef, stir-fry, rice, pork, and even noodles next time. Do share your experience with us, and if you’ve found this article helpful, share it with your friends as well.