Can You Freeze Jello? (Yes, Here’s How)

Quite a popular fruity-flavored dessert, jello is equally enjoyed by kids and adults. To be honest, it is one of the most common delicacies to have at any party.

Well, there is no doubt that you might end up getting a little more than the required jello and would need to store them for the future.

If so, then freezing jello is a great solution.

Can You Freeze Jello?

The best part is that you can freeze jello without almost essentially losing its consistency, texture, and flavor by using simple steps. You just need the plastic wrap and an airtight container to keep the jello. Wrap the jello, keep it in a container, and place the container in the freezer. You can now enjoy the jello for around 3 months without any hassle. 

Jello’s main ingredient is gelatin. It is a property of gelatin that makes it impossible for the jello to solidify. But still, you have the opportunity to freeze jello.

Step-by-step Guide to Freeze The Jello

The most successful way to freeze the jello is to make jello popsicles. This is when you are preparing the jello from scratch at your home. The steps that you will be required to follow are:

Step 1: Boil 1 cup of water.

Step 2: Mix the pack of jello and sugar as mentioned on the packet. Wait till the mixture is translucent with no granules remaining.

Step 3: Add a cup of cold water and stir the mixture.

Step 4: Pour the mixture into the jello popsicles molds and freeze overnight. Place the ice cream stick in each to keep them upright. You can freeze them like it or can even separate them and store them.

Step 5: If you want to separate them and store them, you will need them to set. Once set, wrap them with plastic wrap airtight and store them in a box in the freezer. 

Here’s a great recommendation to a Jello mold that you can use for freezing:

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How To Thaw Jello?

When you are planning to consume frozen foods, it is important to thaw them first. Thawing jello is quite a simple process. The steps to be followed to thaw the jello are as follows:

Step 1: Transfer the jello popsicles from the freezer to the fridge.

Step 2: Leave it in the fridge for 3-4 hours or maybe overnight.

Step 3: Take them out, and you are ready to enjoy the jello.

Always remember jello should not be thawed at room temperature. This can cause the gelatine to break down and liquify. Following the right steps will avoid the chances of high loss of texture, but taste change is unavoidable.

Useful tips

If you see the watery liquid seeping out of the jello, it is a sign that it’s probably gone bad. It is common to have jello with fruits, cream, or any other such ingredient. If so, avoid consuming it at all costs.

Is it safe to freeze jello?

Yes, you can freeze jello, and it is safe too. But when you thaw it, you are not really going to like the texture and flavor later on. When thawed, the jello will separate and will leave a messy textured dish for you. The quality will not deteriorate, but the taste is sure to go away. In a nutshell, freezing jello is safe, but it’s not recommended overall.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you freeze jello shots?

Yes, you can definitely freeze jello shots. Since they have gelatin and alcohol in them, you will not find them as hard as ice. However, you will lose the texture and flavor upon freezing jello shots. Also, remember that the shots might turn into liquid without a consistent power supply to the freezer, which is not good.

Can you freeze jello pudding?

The process to freeze the jello pudding is the same as normal jello. You can store the same for around 3 months. During summer, freezing jello pudding is simple to make a great snack for the kids. But while you thaw, there are chances that milk and cream content will mix and might cause a change in the taste. 

Can you freeze jello salad?

The ultimate appetizer that you can have, jello salad, is delicious. Freezing jello salad in the freezer can increase its lifespan up to 3 months compared to the usual 7-10 days. But if you have added some fruit pieces or dry fruit dressing, separate it while freezing, as they go down soon. And yes, keep the jello salad in an airtight container to avoid mixing the odor of other ingredients in the freezer.

Can you freeze jello cake?

Yes, you can follow the steps to freeze the jello cake as you did for jello or jello shots. Just wrap it up real tight in plastic wrap, place it in the freezer, and enjoy it anytime. But if you have some creamy filling, well, you might end up getting a soggy delicacy when thawed. Remember to label the flavor well, just to avoid confusion.

Can you freeze jello cheesecake?

Freezing jello cheesecake is not a tough task at all. The basic steps remain the same with a few variations. First, you can freeze it as a whole or chop slices from it. Second, remember there are no toppings added while you freeze. Last, you need to put the plastic-wrapped piece in an airtight container. 

Can you freeze jello jigglers?

Actually, it is not recommended to freeze the jello jigglers at all. Freezing doesn’t harden the jello jigglers but will make them lose their texture. Even worse, when you freeze jello jigglers, you will lose the amazing fruity taste as well. Still, if you have excess, keeping them in the freezer can increase their lives from a few days to 3 months on average. 

Can you freeze jello with fruit?

Well, the right answer would be no. Jello with fruits in when frozen for a long run can negatively impact the fruits. For sure, freezing it will not give you ice cubes-like texture, but chances of fruit going sour are high. So, the best idea is to freeze jello with fruits for a max of 1 month.

Can you freeze leftover jello?

What can you do when you have something delicious? Of course, you are bound to have some extras and leftovers with you. The same goes for the jello, and fortunately, you can freeze the jello. The best part is, freezing jello will not give you rocky jello ice cubes. You can freeze the leftover jello for around 3 months or even more by following the steps properly.

Can you freeze cranberry jello salad?

One of the most delicious delicacies to have is cranberry jello salad. But if you think of freezing it for the long run, it is definitely not recommended. It is best to keep the salad in an airtight container for 7-10 days. Beyond that, you might end up messing with the real taste of cranberry or the texture of jello. Still, if you want to freeze, follow the steps suggested above.

Can you freeze sugar-free jello?

Practically, there is no difference between jello and sugar-free jello. Yes, you can definitely freeze the sugar-free jello, but you might lose a bit of the wiggly texture due to the ingredients. There might be some change in the taste as well. You can keep the jello safe in the freezer by following the right steps for around 3 months. 

Can you freeze strawberry jello pie?

Freezing pie with gelatin in it should not be on top of your list ever. When you freeze the jello pie, you are getting ready to make your pie weep when thawed. Unless you plan to serve frozen pie, you should never freeze it. However, you can keep it in an airtight container in the fridge for 7-10 days. But freezing is a big no. 

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To summarize, you can technically freeze jello. But the truth is if you are looking for some miraculous benefits of freezing jello, then you are not going to get some.

Altering the consistency, changing the taste, and damaging the texture, frozen jello when thawed is not a great dish to be served to guests. 

So, the final verdict is that freezing jello has its consequences, especially linked to taste and texture.

So, think twice before you make your decision to freeze and thaw jello for later.

The better idea is to keep jello in an airtight container in the refrigerator for 7-10 days and consume it within that duration.