Easy Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

Make sure you try this homemade strawberry daiquiri recipe, because you are definitely missing out on some heavenly sensations if you don’t ;-).

The lemon daiquiri cocktail is one of Hemingway’s favorite blends. But do you know about its irresistible strawberry  version? Do you know how to make this Strawberry Daiquiri? The answer is below!

Easy strawberry daiquiri recipe

Easy Vegan Strawberry Daiquiri

Easy Vegan Strawberry Daiquiri


  • 50 ml Cuban White rum
  • 30 ml Juice of green lemons
  • 6 Frozen strawberries
  • 25 ml Cane sugar syrup
  • 20 ml Strawberry liqueur


    Make your Daiquiri recipe with strawberries in a blender.

    In this blender, pour Cuban white rum, strawberry liqueur, green lemon juice, cane sugar syrup and frozen strawberries.

    Mix after adding crushed ice.

    Serve immediately in a pre-refreshed cocktail glass.

    Optionally decorate your glass by sliding into it a piece of fresh strawberry.

    Your strawberry daiquiri cocktail is ready!

The daiquiri cocktail: the origin of one of Hemingway’s favorite cocktail blends

The Daiquiri cocktail was first mentioned in 1920 in the book This side of Paradise by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The main character consumes four Daiquiris and very quickly regrets it after an old man sitting next to him turns into a “purple zebra”.

The daiquiri cocktail is one of Hemingway’s favorite cocktail drinks (with the Bloody Mary cocktail and the Singapore Sling) and has also evolved the original Daiquiri recipe. Indeed, while he was passing by the Floridita bar in Havana (an establishment that enjoyed great success with the Americans during the prohibition), the author nicknamed ” Dad ” by the bar team, asked the bartender to prepare him a daiquiri with a double dose of rum and without sugar. The daiquiri Floridita cocktail was then renamed “Papa Doble”. However, Hemingway Daiquiri also contains grapefruit juice and Maraschino.

Daiquiri and calories ? It takes almost 176 calories for a glass of Daiquiri with lemon, which is more than for a Piña Colada! This is a lot, more reason to consume this drink in moderation.

And concretely, how to make a strawberry daiquiri ? The answer is below.

About the recipe for Strawberry Daiquiri

Unlike the lemon Daiquiri recipe that is made in the shaker, the Strawberry Daiquiri recipe is made in the blender (a strawberry daiquiri in a Thermomix, it is also possible !). The goal being of course, to get to make a puree of frozen strawberries(we choose them frozen to bring a little extra freshness to the mixture).

So, in this mixer, Cuban white rum, strawberry liqueur, juice of green lemons, cane sugar syrup and frozen strawberries are poured… then mix everything for a few seconds with crushed ice. Then you’ll just have to serve it quickly in a pre-refreshed cocktail glass (or in which you’ll add ice cubes to make a daiquiri on the rocks).

Note that you can decorate your glass by adding into it a piece of strawberry, or replace the frozen strawberries with strawberry juice and thus make a daiquiri with strawberry juice.

homemade strawberry daiquiri recipe

Variations of Strawberry Daiquiri

Raspberry Daiquiri, banana daiquiri , passion fruit daiquiri, mango daiquiri or peach daiquiri … The possible variations of the daiquiri cocktail are so many! You can, for example, make a strawberry daiquiri without alcohol by replacing Cuban white rum and strawberry liqueur with carbonated water or Schweppes Premium Mixer Tonic Original.

One of the other known variations is the Frozen daiquiri (and less famous, The Frozen Mint Daiquiri). It is a daiquiri with lemon that is prepared in the blender with a lot of crushed ice.

Daiquiri vs Margarita ? Like daiquiri, Margarita consists of juice of green lemons but, in the latter, rum is replaced by tequila and simple sugar syrup by triple dry.

Daiquiri vs. Mojito? Similarly, Mojito contains, like daiquiri, juice of green lemons, white Cuban rum and simple sugar syrup. Fresh mint, bitters Angostura and sparkling water or Schweppes Premium Mixer original Tonic also add to that.

Finally, if you like rum cocktails, do not miss the recipe Schweppes with  Lemon, ginger beer cocktail, Amber 1765 cocktail, Carribean Cooler cocktail and dark’n’stormy chocolate cocktail.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous to your health, so enjoy it and consume in moderation.

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