Best Homemade Whiskey Cocktails That Are Simple To Make

Below you will find easy recipes for homemade whiskey cocktails, which you can enjoy (and brag) with friends and family or just by yourself which is just not as much fun. I always recommend cocktails with friends!

But first..

How did we come up with making cocktails, really?

The History Of Cocktails

Cocktails were born somewhere at the end of the 18th century, mostly in the United States and England. They were very successful in the 1920s during the prohibition period (alcohol ban) in the United States, because adding another drink made it possible to hide the bad taste of the contraband alcohol available at the time.

The mixed drinks could be made either with or without alcohol and are divided into two main categories, the “long drinks” (tall drinks) of 120 to 250 ml, often served as aperitifs and also “short drinks” of 70 to 100 ml enjoyed as aperitifs or digestives.

The cocktails can be prepared with various spirits such as whisky, rum, gin or vodka. Here are some timeless homemade whiskey cocktails recipes for making cocktails with different types of whiskies.

Oh, and if you have some visitors who would prefer not to have whiskey – we have them covered too! Check out our lime flavored Caipiroska cocktail

Best Homemade Whiskey Cocktail Recipes

Best Homemade Whiskey Cocktails that are Simple to Make