What to Do With Leftover Chicken Brine? [3 Best Uses]

Brining the chicken enhances the flavor and taste of the roasted chicken. Brining is where salt and spices are boiled, and chicken is soaked in the solution and refrigerated or cooled for more than 2 hours. Once completely cooled, the chicken is removed from the solution and roasted. What happens to the solution? 

You can use the solution or chicken brine for a few other dishes and enjoy a flavorful meal. In this article, we shall discuss the uses of the leftover chicken brine, things to check before using them, and a few tips to effectively use the brine.

What to do with leftover chicken brine

You can use the leftover chicken brine in the three best ways – Soup base, sauce, and smoked turkey and pork. Let us discuss each of the uses in detail.

1. Chicken Brine can be used as a Soup Base.

One of the most common uses of the leftover chicken brine is soup base. The solution is loaded with flavors and salt. You can enjoy a perfect soup if you add a few more following ingredients to the solution.

  • Vegetables are the essential ingredient for any soup. They tend to absorb the excess salt in the brine and balance the taste and flavor of the soup. Using fresh vegetables enhances the flavor of the soup.
  • Meat is another option that can make your soup more flavorful. Chicken meat would be better than others.
  • Shrimps are another option for making a yummy soup.
  • You can also include other spices like curry powder, tomato puree, ginger, garlic, and other spices that you would like to be in your soup.

2. Chicken Brine can be used as Sauce.

Is it surprising that chicken brine can be used as sauce? Yes. The chicken brine can be a wonderful sauce for your meat after adding the following ingredients.

  • The Coriander, basil, or bay leaves can give a great flavor to the sauce. The chicken brine is simply boiled water with flavors. These leaves can give them the flavor of a sauce.
  • There is zero oil in the chicken brine. It is just a water solution. Vegetable Oil is necessary to give the solution the texture of a sauce. The oil helps to thicken the boiled solution. Ensure not to include too much oil.
  • A pinch of lemon gives a refreshing flavor to the sauce. If the sauce is too thin, you can add lemon zest.

3. Chicken Brine can be used to smoke Turkey or Pork.

The chicken brine already contains salt and flavoring spices. You can use the brine to smoke the turkey or pork. Marinate the turkey or pork with the brine and cook them.

You can also try pickles and vegetables along with the meat to enhance the flavor.

Things to check before using the leftover chicken brine

It is excellent news that chicken brine can be reused. But, you need to keep in mind certain factors before using them. In other words, you need to know the circumstances under which you should not use the chicken brine. The following are some circumstances where you should not use chicken brine.

  • You can freeze the chicken brine for up to 14 days from the date of preparation. It has surpassed the given time; throw them away. They might have gone, and using them might be a risk.
  • If your chicken brine contains meat, it is not safe to use them. Throw them away blindfolded.
  • Freezing the chicken brine is an excellent way to store them. It looks and flavor and helps us reuse the brine. But, if you reuse the brine once, do not freeze them again. The leftovers of the reused brine go to the dustbin directly.

Tips for using the leftover chicken brine

Reusing the chicken brine is a blessing. But, you must follow specific safety procedures to ensure that the brine is suitable for reuse. The following are some of the tips for using leftover chicken brine.

  • The most crucial factor is storage. The brine is a saline solution that may become corrosive if stored in a steel container. Make sure you store them in stainless steel.
  • Freezing the brine helps lock the flavor. But, if you reuse the brine once, do not refreeze them again. 
  • Before using the leftover brine, make sure they are good to use. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many times can you reuse brine?

The brines can be reused only once. At the same time, some prefer to use them two to three times; the acidity levels of the brine change after being used once. If the brine is foggy, discard them without a second thought.

2. Can you brine chicken with broth?

Yes. You can brine chicken with broth. Other solutions can be used, such as orange juice, apple cider, beer, wine, etc., giving the dish a new flavor.

3. Can you marinate the chicken after brining it?

Yes. You can marinate the chicken after brining it. But, ensure not to add salt again. Chicken might have absorbed the salt in the brine. Adding salt to the marination could make the chicken saltier.

Take Away

The use of leftover chicken brine greatly relieves so many of us. We have been throwing them away for so many days, and now, we have an idea about reusing the flavorful brine.

Ensure that the brine is suitable and fit to use before reusing them. Using the spoilt brine is not healthy. Have happy cooking!