4 Turkey Fryer Regulator Problems [with Solutions!]

Are you planning a turkey dinner in your backyard? If you are, turkey fryers can be a lifesaver!

Turkey fryer stoves are efficient and require very little maintenance, which is a huge selling point.

Regardless of how great these appliances are, like most machines, turkey fryers can face their share of shortcomings. They can last you many years, but it is natural to have minor technical issues during their lifetime!

A common reason for turkey fryer dysfunction is due to its regulator. 

Turkey Fryer Regulator Problems

Many people experience problems with turkey fryer regulators when it is clogged. It makes the turkey fryer stove produce yellow/ orange flames. Some other reasons include defective or frozen regulators. If your turkey fryer’s vents are faulty, please ensure that you get on them right away, as it is a serious safety hazard.

There is no reason to worry because these problems have simple solutions! To make it easier, we’ve put together 4 common turkey fryer issues with solutions. 

So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading to learn more! 

Turkey Fryer Regulator Issues: Common Problems with Solutions!

Turkey fryers are a widely loved appliance that several people make use of. Going out a purchasing wood to burn can be quite the hassle. But turkey fryers eliminate their requirement! 

There is no need to be paranoid when your turkey fryer starts acting out. It doesn’t mean the fryer is damaged beyond repair. We’ve enlisted some common problems people experience with turkey fryer regulators.

Not just that, we’ve given you solutions as well. Read further and fix your turkey fryer regulator in no time!

1: Is your turkey fryer regulator leaking or damaged?

It needs immediate attention if you’re facing problems with your turkey fryer due to a defective or leaking regulator. Many people do not recognize this issue. 

So, how to know if your turkey fryer regulator is damaged or leaking? You will smell gas when your regulator is damaged or leaking. Please don’t look for a pungent gas smell because that’s not always the case. Ultimately, there will be less propane gas supply to your turkey fryer.

If a faulty or leaking regulator is your potential concern, here’s a solution below for you to fix it ASAP!

How to fix it?

You can find out whether your regulator is leaky by testing it. Simply mix some soap and water solution.

Pour this all over the regulator and check for any air bubbles. If you see bubbles, it confirms a leak in your regulator.

Once you’ve confirmed that there is, in fact, a leak, it needs immediate tending. Leaky regulators can be due to a weak linkage at the joints.

In such cases, you can fix it at the joints and make it sturdy again. However, if you find that it has been damaged or broken, it must be replaced. 

If you need to replace the regulator on the fryer, here is a top-rated model with high reviews:

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Our top choice regulators have durable hoses. This means you can expect a smooth supply of gas throughout!

2. Do you see yellow/orange flames from your turkey fryer?

One of the most common problems people face with turkey fryers is the color of the flame. Is your turkey fryer producing yellow flames as well?

Ideally, turkey fryers generate blue flames. They produce these flames with propane gas as fuel. This issue is wholly associated with the regulator, so all you need to do is the regulator troubleshooting!

What is the reason for the yellow flames?

A propane tank in the fryer usually connects to the fryer’s regulator hose. This hose supplies the propane fuel required for the fryer to burn.

Sometimes, the regulator hose can get clogged, reducing the burner’s propane supply. Due to the low propane pressure, the burner can produce yellow flames instead of blue.

The solution stabilizes the pressure levels to supply enough propane to the burner. Continue reading to find out the solution! 

How to fix it?

As we mentioned above, the cause for this problem is a clogged regulator hose. Regulator hoses can be clogged for many reasons, such as webs, spiders, dirt, soot, etc. There is more than one way to unclog your regulator hose.

Unclogging with an air compressor is one way to go. Simply place the air compressor on one end of the hose and let the pressure carry the debris out. This is an easy and effective way to unclog the regulator hose.

Another way is using a water compressor. We recommend using this if you can’t get your hands on an air compressor.

You can use the water pressure to clean all the dirt out of the hose. Please remember to dry the hose up before connecting it again. Attaching a wet hose can sometimes be a safety hazard.

If the problem persists even after you’ve tried clearing it, it is probably time for a replacement.

Your regulator hose must be damaged beyond repair, making your turkey fryer need a new one.

It is essential to ensure that the regulator hose you purchase is compatible with your turkey fryer.

3. Is your regulator failing to reset?

Another problem that you could be experiencing with turkey fryers is the failure to reset.

Turkey fryers generally have an automatic RV propane regulator with two propane tanks. This issue is widely seen in fryers with dual propane tank regulators.

How does a dual propane tank regulator work? The regulator is designed to switch tanks when the supply is low in one tank. This happens automatically, which saves you the effort of switching the tanks manually.

In some situations, the regulator may fail to reset and doesn’t switch to the other tank when the propane supply is low.

You will generally see a red indication that signals you if the system fails to reset.

Please solve this problem immediately because a red indication means that your turkey fryer is degrading and requires immediate attention!

How to fix it?

We don’t mean to worry you, but failure to reset plus a red indication means your turkey fryer is in trouble!

It’s not going to burn correctly due to reduced propane pressure. And we know that this means a weak, yellow flame.

If you’re facing the same issue with your regulator, the first thing to do is manually reset it.

Each model has different directions to resetting, so please remember to go through your fryer’s handbook or guide.

If the manual reset doesn’t work, it’s time to dial the professionals! Your last resort is calling for professionals and getting their opinion on it.

In a few cases, replacement might be necessary, too, so be prepared! 

4. Is your turkey fryer regulator frozen?

For those living in areas with cold temperatures, turkey fryer regulators are prone to freezing. Kitchen appliances are susceptible to being affected, especially components such as regulators.

How to fix it?

In most cases, a frozen regulator can be easily fixed. However, it is best to seek professional help to do so.

You’d require professionals because once the ice melts, the water could make its way into the regulator. And we know this means there could be a high chance of regulator dysfunction.

So, if this is the case with your regulator, please call for professional help! They will know how to get around the regulator accurately without causing permanent damage. 

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Note: If your issue is associated with your turkey fryer not becoming hot, it may be due to other reasons. Along with the cold climate, an overfilled propane tank too can play a role in this. Additionally, you may also experience this problem if the service valve and air space come in contact with each other. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

My turkey fryer regulator is making a popping sound. What does it mean?

When turkey fryer regulators make popping sounds, it implies that the burner is defective. You can also hear it if your gas valve is faulty. Once you’ve figured out which component is the cause, you can replace it. The popping sounds are most likely to vanish after that!

How do I identify propane?

You can identify propane gas based on its smell. It has a pungent smell that may remind you of a rotten egg or a skunk. Propane gas is transparent and doesn’t have any color. If you’re trying to identify liquid propane, it simply looks like water.

How do I pick a propane regulator?

The answer to this depends on the kind of appliance you need it for. For instance, grills, stoves, water heaters and fireplaces use are all different regulators. So, please check the type of appliance, its model, and the number of BTUs per hour before picking a propane regulator.


We’ve reached the end of this post! Issues with your turkey fryer regulator can set back your dinner plans.

Nevertheless, this is no reason to worry. As we’ve seen above, many common problems with turkey fryer regulators are fixable.

Please remember to keep your appliance clean and shining! It is essential to regularly maintain your turkey fryer and pay attention to its upkeep.

This will help avoid many issues and keeps your food safe!

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for more!