Soft Vegan Foods To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Removal

You get up from the chair, drool falling down your face, mouth filled with gauze and there you are thinking about food. As a vegan, it becomes a little more difficult to find foods to eat, so I hope this list of soft vegan foods will help you after you have those wisdom teeth pulled.

I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled a few years, 2 were impacted and it was painful. The worst part was the nausea from not eating all day. I wanted to eat a huge meal the minute I got home, but of course that was out of the question.

But, thankfully there were plenty of soft vegan options to calm my angry belly. There are a few simple recipe ideas as well as some quick store bought goods that you can enjoy after those horrible teeth are removed.

I still wonder why we were ever given these useful things anyway if we are only going to have to get them taken out some day!

Anyway – lets get you some food ideas, I know you are hungry if you are hanging out here!

Wisdom teeth removal basics

So, let’s start with the basics. Taking care of that mouth is the most important thing right now. So what you eat, drink, or how well you care for your mouth after your surgery can greatly impact your healing process.

You cannot just go home and eat like nothing happened – and if you did, your mouth will yell at you for it. In most cases you will have stitches and you do NOT want to pull those out. So it is important use extreme caution for a few days.

For a few days you will want to keep your food as soft as possible and drink plenty of liquids. This does not mean drinks soda or sugary sweet drinks – water is definitely best.

So for the next week or so a soft diet will be your friend – as will daily rinsing and cleaning of your mouth.

soft vegan food broccoli soup for wisdom teeth removal
Creamed broccoli soup is perfect for wisdom teeth removal.

Food vegans can eat after wisdom teeth removal

Here are some great vegan food options you can eat right after getting your wisdom teeth pulled. You want to make sure you hit the store before your appointment and have everything ready to go for when you get home.


This is one of those things I eat all year round! It is easy to make, or you can buy it pre-made but it is filled with fiber and vitamin C which does good for your body.

Vitamin C has been shown to boost the immune system, so it can help promote a faster healing process too.

Vegan Ice Cream or Sorbet

This one you want to be careful with as sometimes items that are too cold can cause “zingers” in your mouth. You can eat vegan ice cream or a sorbet, but I would say wait a day or 2 until your mouth is a little more healed to avoid those zingers, they hurt, ask me how I know.

Also if the ice cream has ice crystals on it you will want to be careful as they can have sharp edges.

Mashed Potatoes

This was one of my other staples! We have what is called a “WaWa” by us and their mashed potatoes are to die for. My husband would grab me one from there when I asked. But you can also make this a few days before your appointment and have them ready to eat when you need them. Filled with vitamins, these are a great option to help a healing body.

You can use traditional potatoes like russet or try a sweet potato.


You will want to make sure it is instant as the original and raw oatmeal can be a little too large and get lodged in places you do not want it to.


Soup and broth can be a great addition to your wisdom tooth extraction meal plan, but make sure there is nothing added to the soup and that is not too hot. For the first day or two after surgery you can do plain broth or soup (chicken broth, tomato soup, etc.). Then in another day you can work in some chicken noodle soup or a creamy chicken.

Vegan Yogurt

Smooth and creamy, vegan yogurt tops the list of soft foods you can eat right away. Of course you do not want any with any additional fruits or add-ons that may cause discomfort.


Creating some smoothies and juices filled with fruity goodness are a great health benefit while your body recovers and will taste great too. Be sure to use fruits with no seeds of any kind (I am looking at you raspberries with your gritty seeds) and make sure you use enough liquid to make it not so thick.

From a banana peanut butter smoothie with some coconut water to a peach and honey smoothie with almond milk, the options are endless. If you have masticating juicer, then these recipes are a great option as well to create fresh homemade juice.

When drinking liquids or smoothies, it is important to not use a straw! A straw can cause something called “dry socket” which can be incredible painful and can prolong healing. Always use a spoon if it is a little thick – or drink right from the glass.

Apple Cider Squash Soup

A wonderfully delicious soup that will be kind to your mouth. Smooth and creamy with squash and apples that are all blended into a perfect example of what a gourmet wisdom tooth extraction meal should be. Make this Apple Cider Squash soup before your appointment and you will be find dining your way through recovery.

image credit: Plaid and Paleo


There are so many great tofu foods and even desserts that will be easy on your mouth while you heal.