Low Sugar White Cranberry Grape Juice

Delicate, refreshing, and irresistibly delicious, our Low Sugar White Cranberry Juice recipe is just what you need for a light and nourishing beverage choice. This subtly sweet, tart, and ultra-refreshing drink delivers all the deliciousness of traditional cranberry juice, but with significantly less sugar, making it a healthier alternative that doesn’t skimp on taste.

Store-bought cranberry juices are often a cocktail of sugars and preservatives, obscuring the true tartness of cranberries and their plethora of health benefits. Our recipe takes you back to basics, harnessing the authentic flavor of white cranberries, which are harvested a bit earlier than the red ones, resulting in a slightly milder and smoother taste profile.

White cranberries are a powerhouse of nutrients, boasting high levels of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and fiber. They have been praised for their potential to improve immune function, support digestive health, and even prevent urinary tract infections. Combined with a natural sweetener that keeps the sugar count low, this White Cranberry Juice is a drink that you can feel good about enjoying.

Creating this Low Sugar White Cranberry Juice couldn’t be simpler. All you need are fresh white cranberries, water, and (optionally) a sweetener of your choice like raw honey or stevia. The result? A beautifully hued, invigorating drink that’s as healthy as it is refreshing. Remember, the quality of your ingredients will make a huge difference in the final taste, so opt for the freshest cranberries and purest sweetener you can find.

Ready to make this thirst-quenching, healthy delight a part of your daily routine? Let’s jump into the recipe for the Low Sugar White Cranberry Juice and enjoy a drink that’s not only filled with benefits but is also a joy to sip. Be prepared to fall in love with the unique tartness and refreshing qualities of white cranberries in their purest form. Cheers to a beverage that’s as beneficial to your health as it is delightful to your palate!

Low Sugar White Cranberry Grape Juice

Low Sugar White Cranberry Grape Juice

Cranberries have several antioxidants that lower the risk of urinary tract infections (UTI), improve the immune system and regulate your blood pressure. Adding cranberries to your green juice recipe nourishes your body and prevents many illnesses.

These fruits have high levels of Vitamin C that prevents scurvy and polyphenols that reduce the risk of heart disease.


  • 1 liter white cranberry juice
  • 1 liter white grape juice
  • 4 pomegranate ice cubes


    Start the process by making four pomegranate juice and ice cubes. Blend cranberries and one liter of water to make juice. Repeat the process with grapes and mix the two. Add two liters of 7up and add pomegranate ice cubes to glasses while serving. Avoid making more juice than you need at a time or pack in airtight containers to avoid microbial contamination.

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