How To Slice Meat Thin Without A Slicer

While I do not eat meat anymore, not even fish – I did not want to delete these old articles in the hopes someone may find them useful. If you are wondering how to slice meat thin without a slicer, the below should help you.

Keep in mind, these slicing tips can help with other items as well like fruit – or even tofu.

If you enjoy cooking and preparing meals, then you know how delicious and versatile thinly sliced meat can be to work with in the kitchen. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have access to expensive equipment like meat slicers at home.

Some may think that this eliminates the possibility for incredibly thin slices of meat altogether, but in this article you will learn that slicing meat without a meat slicer is entirely possible right from the comfort of your own kitchen. With the right equipment – which you probably already have on hand – and a little bit of technique, you will be cooking and enjoying thinly sliced meat in no time at all. Keep reading to learn more.

Slicing thin eggplants for our vegan eggplant burgers is a breeze too when you master the patience and dexterity needed to do tin slicing.

How to slice meat thin without a slicer

You do not need an expensive slicer to make thin meat a thing at home, but you will need to invest in a couple of tools to get the results you are hoping for. Below are recommendations for tools and a few tips to help get to slicing like a pro.

High-quality, sharp knife

Without the use of a meat slicer, you will be relying on a knife to get your meat sliced as thin as possible at home. When it comes to a sharp knife used specifically for slicing, you are going to want to go with a stainless steel blade.

Stainless steel is a high-quality option for knives that can be sharpened to create the thinnest and most even slices possible.

Wooden cutting board

Cutting boards are not all created equal. If you want to be able to handle meat properly and create thin slices with ease, then you’ll want to use a cutting board made from wood rather than glass, plastic, or another material.

Wooden cutting boards prevent slipping and help ensure that the meat doesn’t move unnecessarily while you work with it. Thin slices of meat already requires a steady hand and precision with a knife, so you definitely want the meat to stay in place as you cut it.

How to slice meat thin without a slicer

Ok, so you got the gear you need – now let’s get to the how to!

Slicing raw meats

When slicing raw meat, you are going to want to prepare it for slicing by slightly freezing it first.

Colder meat is easier to work with because it moves less during slicing, allowing you to achieve the thin, even cuts associated with thin meat slices you would see from a meat slicer. Of course you don’t want the meat to be rock solid though, so freeze it just enough for a touch of firmness.

Placing it in the freezer for about half an hour before you intend to slice it will make it cold and firm enough to work with easily while still making it possible for the knife to pass through. After choosing a knife to work with, you may want to go ahead and sharpen it a little before you begin, especially if you have used this blade a lot.

Keep in mind that even the sharpest and best quality knife will become duller over time, especially with regular use. Place your cut of meat on a wooden cutting board and make sure that you are slicing it in the right direction before you begin.

Depending on the type of meat, you are going to want to look up how to cut in regards to the grain and place it on the cutting board accordingly. Then, slice away.

Due to the temperature and firmness of the meat, you should be able to easily achieve thin slices, making sure that each one is the same size as the others.

Slicing cooked meats

Slicing meat thinly requires basically the same technique for cooked meats as it does for raw meats, except you won’t have to prepare it in the freezer first.

After cooking, allow the meaty to rest for about ten minutes before you begin slicing it. This will preserve the juiciness and flavor of the meat and bring the temperature down enough for you to handle it comfortably.

Then, follow the same technique as above, being aware of the meat’s grain and ensuring your knife is sharp enough for the task. We hope this article showed you that achieving thinly sliced meat at home, even without the use of a meat slicer, is entirely possible.

With a sharpened knife, a wooden cutting board, and just a little technique, you can achieve perfectly thin slices of meat every time.