Best Hand Press Juicers + Buying Guide

A hand-press juicer operates similarly to an electric juicer. The only difference is one requires electric power to operate while the other is manually operational.

There are many hand press juicers in the market, so it might be a challenging experience to decide the right one to buy. It’s worth noting that each device has its pros and cons with unique features as outlined by the article.

4 Best Hand Press JuicersOur Top Picks

Zulay Professional Citrus Juicers

zulay citrus juicer


  • Easy to clean
  • Maximum fruit juice extraction
  • It is heavy hence highly stable


  • Shorter feet at the base
  • It can easily cause finger-pinching injury

More About Zulay professional citrus juicer

The device is a multi-fruit squeezer made of durable materials. That being said, it doesn’t come cheaply as its price is approximately $117. Even though it’s made of rust-proof materials, consider a soapy wipe cleaning with a dry cloth to prevent acidic rust causes.

Zulay professional citrus juicer is a heavy-duty manual item weighing approximately 15 pounds. The juicer is made of cast iron and stainless steel. Also, it measures 1.25 by 7.0 by 15.75 inches. As for stability, it has rubber feet at the base that firmly grips the surface hence preventing sliding. Simple to clean due to its detachable parts that are dishwasher friendly. With a cup diameter of 5″, you can conveniently squeeze any fruit size of your preference.

It is easier to handle even the largest grapefruits compared to handheld juicers i.e., Mexican elbows. Its ergonomic design and heavy-duty cast-iron materials render it a commercial-grade hand-press juicer. Also, it uses gravity and leverages to efficiently maximize fruit juice extraction. As one of the best pomegranate juicers on the market, it also has a powerful and secure crusher capability aided by the effortless lever action to its handle. Due to its efficiency, it doesn’t create a mess after the activity. Feel free to explore various fruit choices, such as oranges, citrus, lime grapefruits, and lemons.

VIVIHOME Professional Orange Squeezer

vivihome juicer


  • Built with heavy-duty, high-quality materials like 304 stainless steel
  • Durable
  • Ideal for professionals


  • Holes can easily clog which could impact juice extraction
  • Can be off balance sometimes

More About VIVIHOME Professional Orange Squeezer

With practicality, inclusiveness, and critical thinking in mind during its production, this machine is a premium product with an affordable price range. Additional features make the hand-press juicer look original and high quality.

The ergonomic design of this juicer consists of a rubber handle which requires little effort to operate the machine. Besides being gentle on hands, the handle is solid and can withstand up to 2300 PSI when extracting juice.

In addition, it has suction feet to hold it in place hence preventing tipping and sliding around. This, in turn, enhances stability. VIVIHOME professional is made of high-quality materials with 304-food-grade solid iron and stainless steel. Its heavy-duty makeup renders it durable. Its funnel parts and stainless-steel cone are detachable and easy to clean. Also, these parts are dishwasher-friendly. Maintenance is easy its use as it has a compact and unique appearance.

As for operation, it is intuitive as you only have to cut the fruit in half size, and the rest is self-explanatory. After squeezing and with the juice’s purity, you can easily gauge the efficiency of this machine as it separates the juice from all the seeds and pulp.

Zulay Kitchen Professional Juicer


  • Detachable parts that are easy to clean 
  • Made of long-lasting materials
  • Capable of squeezing many fruits at once


  • It is heavy
  • Very expensive
  • It isn’t motorized

More About Zulay Kitchen Professional Juicer

The ergonomic design of this manual juicer renders it helpful as well as expensive. Buying this device is a long-term investment as it is durable and efficient with its capacity for complete juice extraction. Zulay Kitchen’s professional juicer is ergonomically designed with durable, heavy-duty cast-iron materials. With little effort through gravity, it ensures maximum juice extraction from the fruits.

Apart from high juice extraction, it is hygienic as it leaves your hands clean after use. Also, it is ideal for numerous fruits in large quantities. You’ll have an easy time cleaning it as its parts can easily be placed in a dishwasher. Aside from being sturdy, it’s user-friendly, meaning you won’t struggle to pull down the handles. Some fruits ideal for juice extraction using this device are; oranges, pomegranates, lemons, apples, and others. that means it can also be an orange juice maker or a related fruit juice maker.

The sturdy stainless-steel materials with a cast iron base it’s made of give it a professional look. With an efficiency that trickles down to practical lever action, this device is a lifetime proficiency guarantee. It also has safe and powerful crusher capabilities with a 5” diameter cup which you can use for various fruit types. for example, making orange juice should be an easier task.

Gourmia EPJ100 Electric Citrus Juicer


  • It is long-lasting as it made of stainless steel 
  • It is an electrical system that requires less manual pressure
  • Has a squeezing secure mechanism
  • Its parts are easily removable hence easy to clean
  • A removable filtration system that can remove all pits and pulp


  • It might be a bit expensive 
  • Designed primarily for juicing citrus fruits
  • An instruction manual might not be helpful as it is not easily understandable

More About Gourmia EPJ100 Citrus Juicer

The Gourmia is not a true hand-pressed juicer but can be used as one. We wanted to include this since it can essentially work without electricity, but the addition of electricity can make the juice extraction easier for those who need extra help.

The device is among the best juicers if you’re looking for a citrus juicer that is efficient and quick. When you want something ASAP, this device should be among your top choices.

The electrical system helps lessen the need for manual effort making it a great option for those that are elderly or have minimal strength. The removable filtration system can offer the option to make pulp-less juice and the rotating cone maximizes the juice that is dispensed.

There is also a window that can be slid up or down allowing the juice to flow into a container or remain in the juicer to pour later.

All of these juicers are primarily for citrus juices, which is great for making recipes like our Lemon Garlic Ginger drink or a fresh Hairy Navel cocktail.

Buyer’s Guide: Choosing A Hand Press Juicer

You should know that there are many manual juicers out there. In as much as most of them may have similar features, you’ve got to have a unique system of identifying the one that best suits you. That is if you’re considering buying one. Some common factors to consider are;

Ease of use

As you already know, most commercial manual juicers are more complex than the typical ones used at home. So, please make you make your decision according to how easily you find it useful. Domestic models do not necessarily require huge capacity. Plus, home-based hand juicers should be relatively easy compared to commercial-based ones.


How you plan to store your hand press manual juicer is a crucial consideration. These devices vary in size, so some may or may not fit in a generic storage place. Alternatively, you can take the dimension of the juicer and construct custom storage for it to reduce the chances of damage. It’s worth noting, though, that most hand-press juicers fit well in most cabinets.

Speed of Juicing

Speed is a fundamental factor in considering how much juice you want to make. Some manual juicers can accommodate small amounts and small-sized fruits. If you want to make huge volumes of juice, consider buying one meant for that particular purpose. The same applies to small-scale hand press juicers.


Understand that some juicers are one-piece hence easy cleaning. Also, other hand press juicers need disassembling first before cleaning. For those that need disassembling, ensure you follow the correct procedure using the manual; otherwise, you risk causing damage to the device.

Final Thoughts 

Preferences always trickle down to convenience and affordability. All the reviewed hand press juicers in this article hand you the keys to making an informed choice. Also, with the help of a buyer’s guide, you can be sure of getting a hand press juicer that best suits you.