Can You Freeze Crushed Pineapple? (Explained)

Have you just crushed the fresh and juicy pineapples to give a sweet touch to your savory dish but are now considering freezing the leftover for later use? Or you might be considering crushing pineapples and freezing it but are confused if doing so is the right thing or not. Whatever the case, you’ve landed on the right article to help you out in this process.

Can You Freeze Crushed Pineapple?

Crushed pineapple can be frozen for up to 2 months. It is advised to freeze the crushed pineapple in chunks or rings so that it will be easy for you to take out a certain portion at a time from the freezer.

This post will answer all questions about how to freeze crushed pineapple and if you can refreeze the crushed pineapple or not. When you have this delicious fruit on hand, you may have questions in your mind, too, and this post will answer all those questions. 

For more on this delicious crushed pineapple, keep reading our article until the end. 

How to Freeze Crushed Pineapple?

Pineapple is a very delicate fruit, and it can not last long once it is fully grown. You may say you are lucky as you have got the fresh pineapple three to five days before it starts to go overripe and then smelly. 

Of course, you must be searching out ways to preserve it so you can make it last longer. For that, we have come up with a set of steps that will help you freeze the pineapple and so make it last longer for even a few months.

1. Prepare and Cut

This is the first step and is very easy too. Just grab a fresh pineapple, take the knife and cut the upper and the lower parts.

Peel and cut the core portion of the pineapple. Now you must have the soft and moist part of the pineapple. Just crush the pineapple or cut it into small pieces or chunks.

2. Place Crushed Pineapple Onto a Baking Tray

Take out the baking sheet from the cabinet and outspread the chunks or crushed pineapple over it.

Carefully see if the pineapple is getting stuck to the baking sheet. If so, use a parchment sheet, place it on the baking sheet, and spread the pineapples over it.

In this way, your pineapple won’t get stuck to the baking paper, and you will easily take them out from the freezer.

3. Instant Freeze

Now it’s time to freeze the crushed pineapple. Just pick up the baking sheet and place it inside the freezer. Place the baking sheet in a flat and straightway. Now let it freeze for a few hours until you see it is completely frozen.

4. Bag Up

When you see the pineapple is completely frozen, just take it out for a minute and place it into a freezing bag. The pineapple is no longer on the baking sheet but in a freezing bag.

5. Air-tight and Freeze

Make sure that the freezing bag is air-tight and is zippered from all sides as well. We recommend you mention a day and date on the freezer bag and then place it back into the freezer.

These steps ensure the healthy and right freezing of pineapple. You can use these frozen crushed pineapples for the next two months.

3 Tips for Freezing Crushed Pineapple

Now you know how to freeze crushed pineapple properly. To gain the best freezing results, we have three quick tips that you need to consider while freezing crushed pineapple.

1. Instant Freezing is Important

Of course, you will not need the whole frozen pineapple next time as you would like to use a certain portion of it and keep on freezing the rest. For that, instant freezing is necessary as it lets you take a certain portion of crushed pineapple out. 

If you do not do instant freezing, it will become impossible to use a portion of crushed pineapple.

2. Try Freezing the Pineapple in Juice Form

Freezing pineapple in a juicy form makes it last longer. We recommend you add the juice while packing the crushed pineapple in the bag. This tip goes great while freezing the canned pineapple as well.

3. Use Pineapple Directly in Your Savory Dish

If you want to add pineapples to your savory dish to give it a sweet taste, you do not need to wait for it and then use it. Just add the crushed pineapples directly onto the dish and enjoy it. 

You can also cook the frozen crushed pineapple with other dish ingredients.

How Long Can I Freeze Crushed Pineapple?

The above set of steps is the accurate way of freezing crushed pineapples. If you have followed them correctly, you can freeze crushed pineapples for two months and chunks of pineapples for almost six months.

Freezing pineapples is the best way to use them directly on the dish and enhance the taste of your savory dish.

How Can I Defrost the Crushed Pineapples?

The best way to defrost the crushed pineapples is to take them out from the freezer bag and place them in a bowl. Now put the bowl in the fridge and leave them overnight. 

As you know, many recipes use pineapples. You do not need to defrost the pineapple for some of the recipes, as you can directly spread them on the dish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Refreeze crushed Pineapple?

Refreezing an already-defrosted crushed pineapple is never a good idea. Freezing, defrosting, and then refreezing have an impact on the fruit and you will end up with a squash fruit. It will not taste as good as before, and it can negatively impact your health too.

If you have cooked the pineapple in a cake or some other dish, then you can definitely freeze it in the cake again.

Does Pineapple Freeze Well?

Remember, there is always a difference in the taste when you eat a fresh pineapple to when you eat a frozen pineapple. The texture becomes different, too, but a crushed pineapple stays good for up to two months.

Can Freezing Pineapple Destroy Bromelain?

No. Pineapple is a source of bromelain, and there remains a huge concentration of bromelain in pineapple even after freezing it.

Final Words

Now, you know all about freezing crushed pineapples. Do share your experience with us, and if you’ve found this article helpful, share it with your friends as well.