Egg Genius Troubleshooting: Problems Resolved!

The Egg Genius is an amazing device that lets you control your Egg’s temperature remotely. But there are some issues that people might face while using this device.

Egg genius troubleshooting

If your Egg Genius controller shows that it can no longer connect to the internet, you need to reset your controller by pressing and holding the button between the pit and the meat jacks. If the screen shows blank after opening the app, close the app tab and open it again. 

There are many other problems that are faced by Egg Genius users. Want to see if you can find your problem here? Then keep reading!

What’s the Mechanism of Egg Genius? Understand Better!

The Egg Genius is a great addition to the legendary Big Green Egg, that’s now famous all over the world.

This is basically a technology upgrade of the whole Big Green Egg set, which is undeniably quite impressive. 

As you already know, the Big Green Egg lets you use it as a grill, as well as an oven. And that’s exactly where the Egg Genius comes in handy. 

It lets you take full control of your Egg’s temperature, as well as relieves you from the stress of checking your food again and again. 

The mechanism of the Egg genius involves your android or your computer, a temperature controller, and the pit and meat probes.

Once you download the Big Green Egg app and install your temperature controller, your phone becomes a remote control.

The temperature controller plays the main part in the entire mechanism. The square body of the controller has the power port and probe jacks at the side. And the extended portion contains the fan or the blower.

Once you’re done providing power to your controller and connecting your device with it, your probes are ready to go into the grill and give you a continuous temperature reading.

You can have one pit probe with an alligator clip at the end, and a maximum of three meat probes to insert into your meat. Let’s say you’re smoking briskets.

The alligator clip needs to be clipped to the grid, while the needle-like meat probes get into the pieces of your meat.

Now, set the desired temperature in the app and maintain it until your briskets get the perfect color. And you’ll be notified if the temperature deviates from it. 

That’s where the blower comes into action. It’s positioned into the stainless steel draft door to regulate the temperature whenever you need it.

After maintaining the optimum temperature up to the required time duration. Your briskets will be effortlessly cooked. 

And that’s it! Your meal is ready!

Now, this process may not be smooth all the time. Something might go wrong at any point in the process.

Below I’ve mentioned the most frequently occurring issues of the Egg Genius. Take a look!

Common Problems of Big Green Egg Genius: Big Relate!

The Egg Genius by Big Green Egg is undoubtedly a mind-blowing device that makes grilling now even more easy and more fun. 

But it does come with a few problems. And you’re probably tired of reading Egg Genius reviews trying to search for a solution to your problem.

I’m here to point them out for you and suggest to you some probable solutions to them.

So, keep reading to see if you can relate and use the solutions we provide.

My Egg Genius App isn’t Working Properly

There can be two reasons behind your app not loading or working properly. One is a problem with the app server and another is if your internet connection is poor.

What you need to do is wait for a few minutes. If the problem lies within the server then it won’t take too long to get fixed on its own. 

If the problem is with your internet connection, then fix your network issue and hopefully, the app will start working again.

The Screen is Blank When I Open the App

This apparently might seem like a big problem. But actually, it can be fixed quite simply.

Open the tabs section of your phone and remove the tab of the Egg genius app. Hopefully, this will be enough to get your app’s display back.

But if this doesn’t work, then try turning your phone off then back on.

The Controller Fails to Connect to the Internet

This is one of the most common issues with the Egg Genius device. It can show up on your device in different forms. Like FB400, FB200v2, FB300, FB500 can’t connect to the internet.

Whichever the case, there are some common ways of troubleshooting this issue.

First make sure that your wifi, as well as your controller, is in station mode, not in Access Point Mode (API). That’s because it needs to be in station mode to connect to the internet. 

If that’s not the problem, then check if your wifi credentials got removed from your controller. If that’s the case then add it back.

If none of these work, then try rebooting your wifi router. 

I’m not Getting Any Notification from my Egg Genius App

Calm down, it’s no big deal. 

You just need to turn on your app notifications. In your phone settings, find the Egg Genius app, and click on permissions. Turn on the notifications from there.

That’s it! You’ll get all the notifications from now onwards.

Temperature Probe is not Working

You may find your temperature probe not showing any reading all of a sudden. What should you do in that situation?

The defect can either be in your probe or the jack. To troubleshoot the problem, at first you need to turn on your controller. Then connect your pit probe and the meat probe in the pit jack and meat jack respectively.

Take the reading. Then, to see if your probe is okay or faulty, exchange the probes and connect the meat probe in the pit jack and the pit probe in the meat jack. Then again take the reading.

If one of the probes fails to take the reading, then you can determine that one of the probes is defective.

However, if both of the probes don’t show any reading in the same jack, then you can conclude that it is a defective jack.

After successfully troubleshooting the problem, you need to take the necessary actions to either repair the jack or to change the probe.

Here is my recommendation in case you require replacing the probe of your temperature controller.

Waterproof Thermometer Hybrid Probe Replacement for Thermopro TP20 TP17 TP16 TP09B TP08 TP07 TP06s TP04, Famili MT004, OT007, OT009, TP-10, MT-16, OT-08, Habor HCP5H
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  • ⭐UNIQUE FEATURE: Our Probe and Wire are built to IPX7 standards and waterproof grade which means that it can be immersed in the water depth of 300mm for 30 minutes, the product doesn’t show temperature inaccuracy. NOTE: The plug is not waterproof.
  • ⭐Hybrid Probe: Monitor the meat temperature or ambient temperature (smoker/grill).
  • ⭐High Temperature Rated: Up to 716 °F (380°C)
  • ⭐4-foot cable insulated with PTFE and stainless steel overbraid.

These are some of the best Y-cables or probes that’ll hopefully last long and provide optimum service. 

Temperature Probes are not Showing Accurate Results

If you suddenly start noticing that your meat and pit probes are showing inaccurate results. There is a simple way of becoming sure of it.

You can take the reading of boiling water and check it using a boiling temperatures chart. It’s the easiest way of targeting a faulty probe.

The Fan/Blower isn’t Working

The blower plays the main role in regulating the Egg temperature using the Egg Genius. 

If you find that despite getting a pit temperature reading using a pit probe in both the pit and meat jack, the Blower is operative. Then you can consider checking your probes and jacks for defects.

However, if you’re getting a temperature reading after connecting the probe to the pit jack but the blower is not working, then you should call the helpline.

Also, call the helpline if you find both of the probes not working at either jack. 

It’s worth mentioning that don’t decide on not getting a Big Green Egg thermometer even if you don’t face any trouble with your Egg Genius. 

Digital devices can malfunction at any moment. And that’s when manual devices come to the rescue.

That’s all!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Egg Genius work without an internet connection?

Yes it does. You can connect it with your device using the direct connect option that establishes a short-range connection between your device and the controller.

What is the pit alarm in the Egg Genius Mechanism?

The pit alarm is the temperature you set in the app at which you get notified or alarmed regarding the temperature. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the maximum temperature.

Why am I unable to take my Egg temperature above 350 degrees Fahrenheit?

The possible reasons for this are not adding enough charcoal, or putting wet charcoal into your Egg.

The Takeaway

After this huge discussion on egg genius troubleshooting, hopefully, you’ll now be able to identify your problem and apply one of our solutions successfully.

However, after trying all the DIY methods, if your problem still remains, don’t take any further action by yourself. It’s best to call the helpline and discuss the issue with them.

But if you’ve found our troubleshooting helpful, stick with us for more content!