Why does my coffee taste like Alcohol? [4 Reasons]

Coffee is a refreshing statement on a hectic and tiring day. Have you ever wondered why your coffee tastes weird some days?

Can you relate the weird taste to that of Alcohol? Well, you have landed on the right page. Yes. Coffee can taste like Alcohol sometimes.

In this article, we shall discuss why your coffee could resemble the taste of Alcohol. Let us get started.

Why does my coffee taste like Alcohol?

Coffee tastes like Alcohol because we dint handle them well. The following are the primary reasons why your coffee might taste like Alcohol:

  • The coffee beans might not have been cleaned properly
  • Usage of fragrance coffee beans
  • If the Milk gets spoilt
  • Human Psychology

4 Reasons why my coffee tastes like Alcohol

When discussing alcoholic taste in your coffee, you should remember that only the flavor resembles it. No actual alcohol exists in the coffee. Sometimes, Coffee – especially when cold- tends to taste like alcohol. Let’s discuss in detail the four reasons why coffee might taste like Alcohol.

1. Unclean Coffee Beans

The unclean beans are the primary reason your coffee might taste like alcohol. The coffee cherry has to be washed with water, and the beans must be clean before brewing. While this process is simple, two mistakes can contribute to your weird taste.

  • While the beans are still unclean
  • Beans might get dampened in the water if left for a long time.

When the beans get dampened, the fermentation process begins. If you think fermented beans give more flavor, then you are wrong. Instead, it only spoils the taste and flavor much more and spoils the quality of the beans.

A similar case would happen when you don’t clean your coffee mugs properly. The unclean portion might begin to ferment; the next time you have coffee in your mug, you might feel the unpleasant alcohol taste.

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2. Floral Scent 

Some coffee beans might have floral scents. While some find it a weird taste, many love this flavor in coffee. There is a reason why some find it to be weird.

For instance, Good Arabica contains unique floral and fruit flavors. The same flavors are also found in many wine products. So, this is more of a psychological feeling. Although your coffee does not contain alcohol, your brain begins to brew alcoholic thoughts.

3. Spoilt Milk

If you are choosing a Milk coffee, ensure that the milk is excellent and safe for drinking. If you have left the milk for a longer time at room temperature, there are many reasons it might have gone. Make sure you refrigerate them well before including them in your coffee.

If you choose custard for your milk, ensure that the custard is cooked and mashed well before adding them to your coffee. 

4. Psychological Connections

Our brain has a unique way of connecting different tastes. For Instance, imagine you have just ordered a choco vanilla brownie in a restaurant.

Your brain immediately tells you it will have a vanilla taste, and chocolate will flow in the vanilla and make the dessert the best.

In another case, when you find a new food menu, you read the ingredients and imagine the food to be spicy, tangy, or a dessert. That is a psychological thought or feel that your brain feeds you.

Similarly, when you get or read about the mixture of specific flavors in your coffee, your brain might give you the feel of alcohol; in reality, it’s just the coffee.


After discussing the reasons for the alcohol taste in your coffee, here is what you must do to avoid the odd flavor.

  • Refrigerate the milk and custard
  • Wash your coffee mugs properly
  • Check the label before purchasing if you don’t like the floral scented coffee beans.
  • If you persistently find problems with your beans, make sure to change the beans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does my coffee taste weird Abruptly?

If you suddenly find that your coffee tastes weird and there are no mistakes from your side, experts call it a “Medical Alert.” The primary reason for the such sudden change is blockage of the Nasal Passage. Further, if you have any allergies, smoking, or any other unhealthy habits, they could contribute to such unpleasant flavor. Other factors include sinus, nose polyps, and so on.

Does Alcohol in coffee taste good?

It depends on the taste preference of each person. While some find the alcohol flavor in coffee weird, a few others like it. Most people who love the alcoholic taste in coffee choose Irish Whiskey and Bourbon to be fused into the coffee to feel the robust taste.

How Does Kombucha coffee taste?

Kombucha is trendy among tea lovers where green tea or black tea is fermented. But, the counterpart is available for coffee lovers where the brewed coffee is fermented. As a result of fermentation, the acetic acid and the taste are one of a kind. 

Final Words

Have you always wondered if “Am I Drinking Coffee or Alcohol”? Well, I think you have got your confusion cleared. Follow the procedure clearly and avoid being clumsy and unclean. Happy brewing, and stay healthy!

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