The Best Masticating Juicers For Easy Juicing

With a juicer, you can enjoy your favorite fruits and veggies in juice form while still getting all their nutrients. Your juicer can also be used for cooking, prepping food, and more uses than you may have ever thought of.

There are all sorts of juicers – from the traditional handheld squeeze juicer to the centrifugal juicers. In this guide, we will go over five different of the best masticating juicers, and the unique benefits they all have.

While reading, be sure to look for the features that are most important to you and keep in mind what foods will mostly be going into your juicer. These are key components on deciding the perfect one for you.

best masticating juicers

Best Masticating Juicer Recommendations

The masticating juicers below are recommended based on the overall sentiment we could find around the web. With largely positive reviews, good customer service, and awesome performance – you will not go wrong with choosing any one of these masticating juicers.

Omega Juicers NC900HDC

omega nc900hdc juicer

Key Features

  • 15-year warranty
  • Dual stage masticating juicing
  • Low speed, 80 RPM motor (high nutrient yield)
  • Automatic pulp ejection


  • Exclusive dual stage mastication process
  • Multiple functions from juicing to pulp separation
  • Quiet but powerful enough for hard vegetables
  • Incredible 15-year warranty


  • Pricey

More About Omega Juicers NC900HDC Juicer Extractor

This is a powerful and high-quality juicer. It’s without a doubt one of the best juicers you can buy, but quality comes at a cost.

The NC900HDC uses a dual stage, slow mastication extraction and comes with an adjustable 5-setting cap, allowing you to set your preferences for juice and pulp separation.

This juicer is multi-function and can also be used to grind nuts into butter, mash baby food or dice up herbs for the kitchen. This model has a wider chute than some other Omega models, allowing for easier juicing.

A masticating-style juicer is great if you’re looking to extract as many nutrients as possible. As opposed to a horizontal juicer or centrifugal juicer, a masticating types such as the Omega NC900HDC grinds the food, rather that chops. This yields more nutrients and gives you a better overall quality of juice. 

When people talk about juicing for their health, they likely recommend a masticating-style juicer because of its ability to to extract more nutrients. However, because of this, the Omega NC900HDC is more expensive than other models on this list, but you’re paying for quality and convenience. 

Kuvings EVO820GM Masticating Juicer

kuvigs masticating juicer

Key Features

  • 10-year warranty
  • 4-in-1 juicer can create juice, smoothies, sorbets, and nut milk


  • Wide 3.2″ chute allows for bigger fruits and veggies
  • 4 colors available
  • 240 watt motor
  • BPA-free components
  • Less vegetable and food prep needed than other juicers
  • Easy to clean


  • Expensive

More About Kuvigs Masticating Juicer

If money is no object, then Kuvigs would be our recommendation. Reviews around the web are primarily positive, with a rare negative review here and there. Many customers who had older models noted their older models lasted a long time before they decided they just wanted an upgrade to this model.

The Kuvings juicer offers a large mouth that measures 3.2 inches wide which means you can add larger pieces to the juicer. Some juicers require chopping fruits and vegetables in to really small pieces, but this model does allow pieces to be a bit larger, meaning less prep time for you.

Not only a juicer, it can also make smoothies, sorbets, and even nut milks. The juicer comes with the following: base, lid, juicing bowl, auger, juicing strainer, rotation wiper, smart cap, pusher, smoothie strainer, blank strainer, juice cup, pulp cup, pulp strainer, cleansing tool, cleaning brush, round brush, lid opener, manual, and recipe book.

AMZCHEF Masticating Juicer

Key Features


  • Affordable
  • Quiet
  • Easy to clean
  • Up to 90% yield of juice which is higher than others
  • Drier pulp
  • 3% oxidation


  • Poor warranty period
  • Reports of clogging
  • Does not handle large juicing quantities well
  • Plastic build feels cheap

More About AMZCHEF Masticating Juicer

While, this one has great reviews as the others do – there are a few more reviews that do reflect some issues. But we wanted to add this one as it is definitely an affordable option that has strong positive sentiment.

Overall the AMZCHEF masticating juicer is a great affordable option. It would be our top pick for first-time juicers who are trying to decide if this is something they may really integrate into their lifestyle.

This model is compact, offers options to convert it into a slicer or meat grinder, and does a good job of creating juices from all different types of fruits and vegetables.

What masticating juicer is right for you?

So now that we have discussed some of the best masticating juicers on the market, let’s figure out which one suits your needs best. Consider things such as what you will be processing, what special features interest you most, and how often you’ll be using it.  

What foods will you be processing?

It is very important to know what you will be mixing and using your juicer for before choosing one. Even some of the best juicers do not blend nuts and other hard foods well. So if you plan on juicing only fruits, a single gear is right for you.

However, if you want to create almond butter, cashew milk, green juice, etc. you will be better off with the dual-stage juicer.

What do you desire in a juicer?

Different juicers come with different benefits. So, what particular features are you looking for when searching for the best masticating juicer? Will you be processing a lot of food with pulp? If so, make sure to choose a juicer that automatically separates the pulp from juice. Also, keep in mind that the amount of produce you will be mixing at a time and what type of food it is.

If you will be using smaller or softer foods you can choose a juicer with a small feed chute. If you are planning on mixing larger or harder foods, a juicer with a wide chute is better for you. If you plan on using both, you can find a juicer that comes with a small and large feed chute.  

You will also want to take a look at how easy it is to take apart and clean. Even some of the best juicers are more difficult to disassemble, which makes cleaning an undesirable process. This may cause foul-tasting juice due to buildup.

All the slow juicers we have listed above were made to prevent clogging, foaming, and catch dry pulp. Because of these features, the clean-up process can be quick and painless.

Think about what additional features you want you’re looking for when shopping for the best masticating juicer. If you are looking for a juicer that can grind coffee or make flour, a dual-gear juicer is the best option. If you do not plan on using your juicer for that sort of thing, the single-gear would be a better fit for you.

For those of you who have never used a juicer before, choosing one that comes with a recipe book is an easy and fun way to kickstart your juicing process.

Single-Gear Vs Dual-Gear

When choosing the perfect type of juicer, the most important component is deciding between a single gear, single auger masticating juicer or dual gear masticating juicer. In order to know the best masticating juicer for you, you will first need to know what you will be mixing on a day-to-day basis.

A single gear juicer using one “drill bit” to process juice. It is a slower processor and better for soft foods. The dual gear juicer has a more intense method of processing your food. This technique calls for two rounds of processing and squeezing in order to get all the healthy enzymes, vitamins and nutrients out of your tougher foods.

Both the single gear and dual gear juicer work wonders and will provide an equal amount of nutritious output. What matters is what you will be feeding your juicer.

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How to Care for Your Masticating Juicer

In order to get the most out of your juicer, you must take proper care of it. It can end badly when someone does not know how to properly clean their juicer. This is because it leads to foul-tasting juice. Then, ultimately, it may lead to a lack of interest in the juicer due to the tedious cleanup process. Luckily, we are here to show you the easiest juicers to assemble and how to keep them in tip-top shape while enjoying the process.

Clean After Every Use

For one, you must clean your juicer after every use. This prevents staining since a lot of fruits and vegetables have strong pigments. It is especially crucial to clean your juicer after juicing highly pigmented produce.

If you don’t it will be much harder to get off in the long run. One easy way to prevent staining in the first place is by adding lemon to whatever you are making.

This not only enhances the flavor, but it also multiplies the absorption by five times, giving your juice an extra boost of zest and nutrients. Also, try to avoid overly mushy produce such as tomatoes, oranges, or mangoes. The lack of fiber makes draining the juice difficult. By replacing softer fruits and veggies with harder ones, you are shortening the cleaning process.

Cleaning your juicer can be a tricky task. And, doing it wrong can lead to your juice tasting sour, produce getting clogged, and worst of all mold. So here is a step-by-step guide on how to keep the juicer clean and prevent mold.

Steps on how to clean your masticating juicer:

  • Unplug the juicer
  • Disassemble the juicer completely
  • Dump and rinse out the section of juicer that catches pulp
  • Rinse each section of the juicer with warm soapy water
  • Use small brushes to get in between small areas where pieces of food could get stuck
  • Pay close attention to the mesh strainer- if not cleaned regularly it can build up with juice debris and pulp which is difficult to remove once dry
  • Use a sponge or soft cloth to wash down the machine itself
  • Allow for all separate pieces to dry completely
  • Reassemble your juicer
  • For a deep cleaning- Let each piece soak for a few minutes in warm water and dish detergent

In the off chance that your juicer does grow mold:

  • First, scrub off all visible mold under running water
  • Wash off infected area with dish detergent
  • To ensure that the mold is killed completely, spray a generous amount of either hydrogen peroxide (3% solution), lemon juice, or vinegar
  • Leave that on for 20 minutes and then re-wash with water and dish detergent
  • Make sure to NOT clean your juicer with bleach or Clorox

Final Thoughts

Juicing is a fun and efficient way to lose weight, improve skin health, and get all the nutrients your body needs. The best part is that you are getting all of this out of a simple and refreshing glass of juice.

However, it doesn’t stop at juice. You can use a variety of different foods to create sauces, turn nuts into butter, whip up a sorbet, and even more. The masticating juicer, unlike some other forms of juicers like centrifugal juicers, is an awesome way to make a whole menu of healthy meals without having to cook a thing. 

We have done the research and guided you through the distinct benefits of what we believe to be the top picks for masticating juicers on the market. Now, it’s up to you to decide which one is the best for you.