sugar, sugar

There are several gray areas in the vegan vs nonvegan debate and sugar is one of them.

Refined sugar, brown sugar and confectioner’s sugar do not contain any ingredients derived from animals. However, sometimes the sugar is filtered through animal bone char. The final product doesn’t contain animal products, but the use of animals in production leaves some feeling conflicted.  When sugar is included in a list of ingredients on this blog, you’ll notice that I refer to it as “vegan sugar” There are several solutions and alternatives, and I’ve found that the easiest is to always purchase organic sugar. If the sugar is organic, no animal bone char has been used. Unrefined cane sugar, evaporated cane juice, beet sugar and raw sugar are also processed without the use of bone char.

To learn more about sugar, here is a great article from the Vegetarian Resource Group.

In the meantime, move on to my next post because it’s time for CAKE!

14 thoughts on “sugar, sugar

  1. that’s really interesting. I never knew that. I’m new to the vegetarian/vegan world. I’m thinking about switching from a mostly vegetarian to full on vegetarian and mostly vegan, but I’m worried I still don’t know enough about it! I’ll have to just keep reading your blog 😉

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  4. Great post. I’m eating vegan temporarily in (over 70 days so far), and there are a couple of things that I’ve let ‘slide’ for the purposes of my life and cooking–booze and sugar. Even though I do not worry about those too much, I have been fascinated to learn that animal byproducts are related to their making. I just had no clue until I started doing more research. It’s interesting to read about other options though.

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  9. Wow. I did not know about this. I’m glad to find this out. Very informative. I’m glad I found your site!!! Maybe I’ll just start using agave as much as possible. Please don’t tell me agave is not vegan now too…

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