Choosing The Best Carrot Juicer

Carrot juice is very popular due to its sweet taste and health benefits. Getting a good carrot juicer doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, carrots are one of the easier plants to juice, but that doesn’t mean you should pick the first juicer you see on sale. 

Since starting CompuKitchen, we’ve reviewed and tested over 50 juicers. We tested for things like build quality, juice consistency, ease of use, juice yield and how easy they are to clean.

According to our tests, the best carrot juicer is the Omega J8006 Juicer. It is a masticating juicer that makes high-nutrient yield juice from carrots as well as other fruits and vegetables. 

Keep reading to find out why it won, but first, here’s a list of the other carrot juicers that caught out attention.

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How Do We Rate Juicers For Carrots?

Before we get to the list, let’s talk about how we created it. When we create a buyer’s guide, we like to think about the specific topic and test products accordingly. Not all juicers are the same, and juicing carrots is different from juicing leafy greens and other fruits. So, you don’t expect a citrus or pomegranate juicer to help you efficiently juice your carrots. With that being said, here’s our process for figuring out the best juicer for carrots:

  1. We do a TON of research into popular juicers and read all the information about each juicer that’s provided by the manufacturer.
  2. If the juicer is a good fit for a guide, we generally buy and test it, keeping it on hand for other guides it may be suitable for.
  3. We take note of specific product features for the job, noting the pros and cons of each product.
  4. We consider the price-to-value ratio. Just because something is cheap, doesn’t mean it’s a good value because you didn’t pay much for it! Likewise, just because you shell out $500 on a premium juicer doesn’t always mean it’s worth the price.
  5. We compile all that information into a buyer’s guide.

The 5 Best Carrot Juicers:

  1. Best Juicer For Carrots – Omega J80006 Juicer
  2. Largest Feed Chute – Breville BJE200XL
  3. Quietest Carrot Juicer – Tribest GS-1000
  4. Best Centrifugal Carrot Juicer – Breville 800JEXL
  5. Highest Capacity Carrot Juicer – Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor

If you’re in the market for the best juicer for carrots, finding a reliable one can be a tough project. The different features, motor systems, and classy designs can be a lot to take in. Heavy-duty designs are needed to make sure that the large fibrous fruits and vegetables, such as carrots and kale, pass through the system with ease while still producing excellent quality juice products.

Other components, such as clean-up, storage, and pulp extraction are just as important in the life expectancy of certain machines. While the options are vast, the quality of features should be the same across the bat, so that’s what we will be looking into today.

Omega J8006 Juicer


  • Juices anything from a soft pear to hard veggies like carrots
  • Grinds coffee beans, mince herbs, and turns nuts into nut butters
  • Quiet and low-speed masticating juicer (80 RPM) which yields quality juice
  • The warranty is good for 10 years


  • Clean-up can be a slight challenge

More About Omega J8006 Juicer

The Omega Nutrition Center Juicer is a modern, classy take on the juicing fad, and is a strong contender in the search for the best juicer for carrots. This machine is easy to assemble, store, and clean. Leafy greens, celery, and fibrous and chunky vegetables are all very easy to juice without issue.

The grinding motion of the 80 RPM blades that this juicer comes with helps to grind everything from even the toughest of vegetables. Not only does this machine juice fruits and veggies like carrots and apples, but it can turn a variety of nuts into nut butters, as well as grind coffee beans, and mince herbs, spices, and garlic.

Similar to the Tribest, the Omega Juicer utilizes a low-speed masticating juicer speed for grinding and juicing, which results in better quality juice with higher levels of its natural nutrients and is easy to use.  Its quiet operation and easy-to-use functions make using it and cleaning it simple, and one of the best options for the money.

The pulp is very dry after juicing veggies, which confirms how much effort the machine puts into extracting the most juice. 

Breville BJE200XL


  • Safety is a priority and the circular blades and other parts make it so you’re safe while juicing.
  • The juicer comes with a large feed chute for easy juicing
  • Compact design for simple storing and is easy to use and easy to clean


  • Sometimes yields wet pulp

More About The Breville BJE200XL

A highly regarded and heavy-duty juice extractor, the Breville has many features for the avid juicer to enjoy, making it a viable contender for the best juicer for carrots. The blades are located in the very center of the mixing area, which means that it is easy to clean, it prioritizes safety, and it is a highly efficient juicing machine.

The efficiency and speed at which this machine juices and the amount of juice are one of its best attributes, as well as its ability to juice entire apples without the need to cut them beforehand. The top measures 3 inches across which leaves plenty of room for most products to fit without prior preparation. This makes juicing things like carrots a breeze. It is because of this that this juicer gets a spot on our list when identifying the best juicer for carrots. 

In order to promote the best juice experience, this carrot juicer includes a lid separator for any froth or air bubbles that sit on the surface of the juice. This skims the surface as you pour, leaving you with only the best juice and nutrients in your glass.

The blades or cutting system that the Breville Compact juicer uses is made out of titanium and features a circular disc which ensures the best safety. The compact design and simple mechanisms make it easy to clean and easy to store.

Tribest GS-100


  • The quality and amount of juice yielded
  • Minimal noise
  • Can juice nearly any vegetable or fruits


  • It is not very easy to clean

More About Tribest GS-1000

The Tribest Green Star masticating juicer is a unique model that takes quality to a new level and is a strong competitor when looking for the best juicer for carrots. By slowing down the juicing process this juicer yields greater quantities of juice, as well as nutrients. Tribest also utilizes two gears to replicate a similar setup as teeth in a human mouth.

By using this masticating juicer setup for extracting juice, there is significantly more juice yield as well as more nutrients extracted each time. Juicing tough vegetables, stringy celery, or spinach can be a difficult task for a juicer and can result in clogging, which is why you need to find the best juicer for carrots. However, with Tribest, the motor and gears work hard at breaking those tougher fibers down so that they are not present in the end product.

The other aspects that are important about the slower mechanisms in the Tribest Green Star are the fact that friction, heat, and noise are kept to a minimum. This makes it a high-quality, heavy-duty machine with the ability to juice anything from a soft pear to a fibrous kale leaf or hard vegetables.

Many machines get the complaint of still having wet pulp after the juicing, but with the Tribest there is always very dry pulp so you can be assured that every last drop of juice and nutrients is being extracted from your ingredients. One downside to having such a thorough product is that the cleanup process of so many moving parts can be a little bit tricky.

Breville 800JEXL


  • Wide chute handles many different ingredients
  • A varied selection of juicing items can be successfully juiced to the max
  • Two-way speed for efficiency while it juices 


  • Overheats fairly easily, especially with more difficult fruits or vegetables

More About Breville 800JEXL

The Breville Juice Fountain Elite definitely looks as if it lives up to its name with how it juices. The stainless steel exterior and modern design make it look very professional, and great for carrots and leafy greens. The feed tube is a nice wide diameter at 3 inches across, which allows for large pieces to easily feed into the juicer. The very speedy design makes it a fast process to juice any and all types of fruits and vegetables, including everything from apples to carrots and other ingredients.

The spinning disc blade is a safe way to juicing as well as an efficient way to extract every last drop of juice. The simple design makes clean-up extremely fast and easy and the entire machine is dishwasher safe.

There is a dual-speed setting to differentiate between softer fruits or vegetables from something more robust. This function helps the machine work at its most efficient which is the goal of the Breville Juice Fountain Elite.

Because the Breville boasts of being a fast and speed-oriented machine, there are a few warnings relating to the possibility of this juicer overheating due to the motor working really hard while it juices. There is a mechanism that shuts the juicer down if it happens to overheat. However, this is still a possibility and doesn’t always mean safe juicing.

Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor


  • A 5-speed system saves the motor for long-term use and efficiency
  • The pulp collector has a 2-liter capacity
  • 3 Inch diameter chute fits many ingredients


  • The large frame can be difficult to store

More About The Cuisinart CJE-1000 Juice Extractor

The Cuisinart Juice Extraction machine really checks all the boxes in terms of features. With 5 speeds and many adjustable systems, the Cuisinart allows for efficient use of the motor as well as preserving the motor life. The pulp collector has a massive capacity of two liters allowing for as much juicing as you could ever desire before needing to empty the pulp collector.

The feed chute is 3 inches in diameter, which allows for minimal food preparation and ease of use for everything from carrots to leafy greens. The quiet machine can handle both soft and hard vegetables and fruits, as well as fibrous and stringy ones.

The setup and cleaning process is an easy one, as there are quite a few moving parts, but they are simple and straightforward. Its a large frame, although provides extra space for pulp and juice, can seem excessive and large for storing purposes. It’s one of the bigger juicers on the market. 

Another complaint with this juice extraction machine is that it often has wet pulp. However, once adjusting the motor speed to the one for your specific produce item, the pulp will be drier as it juices.

Carrot Juicer Buying Guide: What To Consider

In this buying guide, we’re going to break down what you should be looking for when shopping for a juicer specifically to make carrot juice.

Centrifugal vs. Masticating Juicers For Carrots

When you’re looking for a juicer for carrots or for other things like leafy greens, you’re going to come across the terms masticating juicer and centrifugal juicers. The difference between these types of juicers is fairly straightforward. Most juicers on the market fall into one of these categories.

Slow masticating juicers are essentially slow grinding juicers for carrots, whereas a centrifugal juicer uses flat cutting blades on the bottom of a rapidly spinning strainer to create juices. With this type of juicer, the fruits or vegetables are then forced through the strainer using centrifugal force.

After looking at so many, you are prone to purchase one that fits only a few of your criteria. You don’t have to be overwhelmed in your search, though. Here are the top things to look out for when shopping around:

This argument is purely based on the motor and mechanism systems. A slow masticating juicer system uses a slower motor speed so as to not produce any heat that could interfere with the nutrients.

Creating heat when the motor runs risks a decrease in the nutrients in the final product of juice from vegetables or fruit.

A centrifugal type of juicer also often has trouble with stringier items such as celery and wheatgrass, as the motor isn’t as effective at breaking down those hard vegetables and fibrous parts.

Some of the hardest items to juice are carrots, wheat grass, celery, and kale. These items require a powerful, motor such as a slow masticating juicers system. These vegetables and plants have less luck going through a centrifugal system because the motor just doesn’t have the gumption to get through all their fibrous and stringy material.

While masticating juicer (slow juicer) designs may have a more powerful motor, they are also more expensive and tend to be more complex altogether.

Top Features to Look Out For

The disruptive noise and vibrations are inevitable with a juicer for carrots, but there are machines that are quieter than others when it comes to these vegetables.

Several juicers have built-in dials for changing the amount of speed the motor puts out. This allows for customization based on how tough the item is to juice. Some even have a reverse function. The reverse function of a juicer can help with a clog, and clean the juicer. 

Taking into account the fruits and vegetables that you enjoy juicing might help you eliminate the need for this function, or shop around for machines with this guaranteed.

Safety is a huge aspect to look for in such powerful machines, and a lot of what we do revolves around safety. Blades and motors can be scary items to have in the kitchen, so making sure the right safety measures are taken is important.

BPA-free plastic is a feature that a lot of plastic or partially plastic juicers note; however, there are a few who do not mention this feature at all. Ensure that this chemical is not present for your safety. Dishwasher safe might be a feature that you are looking for, as it improves the ease of cleanup.

How to maintain your carrot juicer

There are a lot of moving parts with juicing products, no matter if you use a masticating juicer (slow juicer), centrifugal juicer, or something else. Several of these can be sharp and or dangerous to handle. Cleaning and maintaining your juicer for carrots might seem daunting, so here is a list of ways that you can proactively keep your carrot juicer in perfect nick for a long lifetime.

  • Use a cleaning brush or an old toothbrush, so that you don’t have to put your hand in close proximity to the blades.
  • Use milder soap or baking soda so that you aren’t using harsh chemicals
  • Wash using warm or hot water to help further disinfect any areas that are difficult to clean super thoroughly
  • Use a soaking method to get the cleaning process started

If properly cared for, a juicer can last for over a decade. Generally speaking, these appliances are made with high-grade materials, and since they aren’t used every single day in most cases, buying a good quality one right off the bat, taking care of it, and not abusing, it should last a while.

Cleaning Deposits of Rough Material

If your juicer develops any sort of build-up after you use it a few times, you should take care of the issue sooner rather than later. Buildup tends to become a bigger and bigger problem as time goes on. Here are a few tips on removing buildup.

  • Again, make sure to use milder products like vinegar, or denture tablets for your cleaning soap.
  • You can use salt as an abrasive substance
  • Again use the brushes or toothbrushes that you would normally use for cleaning your juicer for carrots
  • Try the soaking method in hot water with a bit of vinegar. This method can take some time, but it does work well


These juicers have very unique features that all cater to specific uses, ranging from making carrot juice, baby food, smoothies, and more, just changing the ingredients. Researching the different products available can give you the ability to choose the juicer for carrots that works best for your needs.

The simplest juicers can juice products that are whole and not leafy greens, while more pricy options can give you the ability to juice just about anything you could find in the produce section. Some even have the added bonus of being able to grind coffee beans, mince garlic, herbs, and spices, and turn any type of nut into nut butter.