Our Leadership Team:

Lisette Magdalen

Lisette Magdalen

Product Tester & Head of Content Creation

Lisette is the founder of CompuKitchen, and is the primary content writer that brings the website to life. Lisette grew up in North Carolina and spent a lot of time in the kitchen as a kid. Shes a creative writing major and also a creative chef! (More about Lisette)

Jae Gordon

Jae Gordon

Web Design & Marketing

Jae handles the site design and marketing for CompuKitchen. Everything from securing products to test, blog promotions and social media. If you have a specific question about the site, or want us to test one of your products, ask for Jae! (More about Jae)

About CompuKitchen & Our Mission:

CompuKitchen started as a hobby blog that quickly grew into what it is today. Our mission at CompuKitchen is to educate our readers about making the most out of your kitchen. Whether its recipes, or reviews on the latest cooking equipment, our goal is to provide value, expertise and honesty for our readers.

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep CompuKitchen alive. We pay for or produce everything you see on CompuKitchen. Everything from content, to images, to servers and procuring products to test, it’s all us. Not to mention the huge time investment as well. Operating a website isn’t cheap. To help offset the costs, we place affiliate links within some of our posts. Following these links cost you nothing.

These links simply give us a way to earn a commission and keep CompuKitchen operational. 

We strive to always keep our website as unbiased as possible, always giving pros and cons to every product we review. Nobody can pay to be featured on our website, nor can we be incentivized to review any product in a positive light. We will always give the positives and negative to every product we recommend to our readers. 

At our core, we will always put our readers first. Afterall, without you guys, CompuKitchen wouldn’t exist.