happy 2nd blogiversary + a yummy giveaway!

Guess what, friends! It’s our special day! We’re two! Happy Blogiversary to us!!!

I am so grateful for your ongoing support and virtual friendship. I love you guys!

In honor of this joyous occasion, I’m giving away a super delicious Vegan Organic Caramel Sampler from Feed Your Face.


image courtesy of Feed Your Face

That’s 20 big vegan caramels, all ready to have a dance party in your mouths.

From Nicole of Feed Your Face:

I hand wrap the caramels in eco-friendly compostable clear cellophane, label them individually so you know what you’re eating, and package them in biodegradable cellophane bags tied off with multicolored yarn made from reclaimed cotton and banana fiber by a fair-trade women’s cooperative in Nepal. I can include a handwritten gift tag at no extra cost — just ask! The wrappers and bags are compostable; the padding I pack the boxes in is recycled and recyclable.

All of my caramels are dairy-free, gluten-free, corn syrup-free, virtually soy-free, free of most common allergens, and 100% vegan. Don’t worry, they don’t taste healthy in the slightest. They’re creamy and chewy and decadent, and many many nonvegans have loved these caramels and couldn’t tell the difference from the traditional version. I use organic and fair-trade ingredients wherever possible.

They have a room temperature shelf life of at least a couple of weeks and they’ll freeze pretty much indefinitely. They’re coconut milk-based so they may be pretty soft when they arrive in the mail if it’s warm where you are, and if you leave them in the fridge or outside in the cold too long they’ll get very hard. They’re happiest at room temperature.

image courtesy of Feed Your Face

Here are the flavors that are currently offered in the sampler:

Hawaiian red sea salt
dark chocolate Hawaiian red sea salt
pumpkin spice
dark chocolate pumpkin spice
double ginger
lavender brown sugar
lemongrass coconut
blood orange
pomegranate balsamic
green tea chai
spicy (cinnamon/chipotle) dark chocolate
vanilla-orange creamsicle
carrot cake
dark chocolate orange
limited edition mulled apple cider
limited edition gingerbread

image courtesy of Feed Your Face

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below telling me how much you love cats, on a scale of 1-10.

Just kidding!

Just leave any old comment by midnight EST on Wednesday, 11/21.

Just say hi. Say you want caramels. Say whatever.

I’ll choose a winner at random and announce it here on Friday, November 23.

Did I happen to mention that I love you? Because I do. Thank you for a wonderful two years.

54 thoughts on “happy 2nd blogiversary + a yummy giveaway!

  1. What an AWESOME giveaway!! I love kitties and would give them a 10 since I was an avid “Cat Fancy” reader as a child! Hahaha

  2. Wow.. those caramels look amazing!

    I love cats. I think they have the funniest personalities. My best friend tried to dress her cat up as a unicorn for Halloween and she was NOT having it. She won’t even move once the costume on her in protest for having to wear it…lol.

  3. Yay! Happy blogiversary!! That’s a big achievement. I really enjoy what you do! My love for cats on a scale from 1-10? Well, 10, of course!

  4. Happy 2 years! I love that last photo. Such a cutie!
    P.S. I would give cats a 10. I’d probably be a crazy cat lady (in addition to a crazy dog lady) if my landlord didn’t have allergies. Some day… 😉

  5. I can tolerate cats from a distance. I do love petting their soft fur but I can’t stand seeing the hair everywhere. Those caramels however, I would love seeing them all over my face! YUM!

  6. Vegan caramels exist!? How did I not know this in 2 years of veganism!!!

    Just saying, I’m buying them if I don’t win.

    And happy 2 years! We love you back!

  7. My love of cats: 12. I am that person. I have four cats and they are the bee’s knees. I’m also trying to get into vet school and would like to practice at a cat-specific practice so hopefully I can continue to share my crazy cat love for a very long time! Also caramels. They look so gooood.

  8. my mom has never been a cat person, so I’ve grown up around dogs, but I find felines to be absolutely precious! (even if they are just as socially dismissive as me, at least most of the time…)
    & holy wOw omG!!!! artisan dessert explosion right there, they look so A+ amazing! there is a 63% chance I would cry if I received these in the mail and promptly devour them like the emotional teenage girl that I am.

  9. 1) I like kitties.

    2) I like caramel.
    I especially like caramels that have dance parties.

    3) I like your blog. No really though. When I’m stressed (which is frequently) and when I’m hungry (which is also frequent) seeing new posts on your site always makes me smile and puts me in a better mood. And then I try delicious new recipes and all is right with the world. Thank you, and happy blogiversary!!

  10. That is one cool kitty you have there. I just love cats! I have 6 that were all abandoned and taken in and loved by us. On a scale of 1-10 I love cats 25!!!!

  11. Happy Blogiversary!! I’m so happy that I found your blog!! I love it…the caramels look amazing…one of my favorite treats!!

  12. while i love your site, the name and most of the recipes…i cant say that i love cats…so i am glad that you changed that. :) they are wonderful to look at, but my allergies and asthma have kept me from getting close enough for anything close to love…
    honestly though, your blog has been wonderful and entertaining…thank you and best wishes for another two years!

  13. I love cats and caramels. I have 2 cats, Kitten Kat and Babycat. I also feed feral cats/kittens that live in the neighborhood. Happy Anniversary and you’re blog is the best.

  14. Your baby is absolutely adorable and so are you. Your vegan candy looks out of this world. Congratulations on your success. Your mama must be soooo proud. love, mary

  15. Big happy birthday to The Tolerant Vegan. This is the giveaway of all giveaway’s to try for! I’m now going to go in search of some caramel…

  16. I love cats at least 11. This is evidenced by the sheer amount of cat hair I am always covered in. Seriously, I look like I’ve got on some kind of crazy costume, but really I just like dark colors and live with a mostly white cat. She likes to make sure people know that I’m hers.

    Also – happy anniversary!

  17. Good morning from Southern Texas! We have a kitty we adopted while he was wondering alone at night crying- Sweetest and bravest little guy ever…we call him Spartacus! Brilliant right?? Thanks for sharing your kitty family with all of us! I stumbled upon your blog while searching for Biscoff recipes ( so trying the baked Biscoff donut recipe you posted!) My daughters and I are vegetarian but are experimenting with the Vegan lifestyle now- I think these caramels will help show how they can still eat treats like they are used to but that fit in our diet choices- Happy Birthday and congratulations on your fantastic blog!

  18. Yes! Cats = 11. :) Wish my partner felt the same way because she’s putting up with my furball, Mango, wether she wants to or not!

  19. Happy anniversary! I love reading your blog, and would also love to partake of some of those delicious-looking caramels… :)

  20. Have I ever mentioned that I love YOU?! Well I do! I can’t have cats where I live so I miss mine but yours do the trick every time I see their cute faces! So I love you, I love your cats, I love your recipes and you’re the best :]

  21. Love your site, your recipes and especially all the kitty pictures and stories you post. I have seven kitties in my family right now and LOVE THEM DEARLY!!! :)

    Thanks for this site, this giveaway and happy blogiversary!!!

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  23. Yay, Happy Happy Blogiversary!!! I am going to make caramels for the first time this year, so excited:-) Your caramels sound wonderful, and look awesome! Hugs, Terra

  24. Vegan caramels sound like the perfect way to keep the holiday splurge going after Thanksgiving and right on til Christmas (if they last that long, anyway).

    Happy Blogiversary and keep the cute kitty pics coming!

  25. I love those sweet little fur faces. My fur face is a doggy right now though and I’m totally wrapped. And, we both really want me to try those caramels. :o)

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