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Yo ho ho, mateys! I just wanted to reach out into the interwebs to tell you that my friend-4-life Tiffany published a beautiful post today titled “Musings on Gratitude” and I recommend it to everyone. It’s inspiring and it reminds me just how lucky I am.

Also I’m here to wish my Moose a Happy Anniversary!

Today is our third anniversary and as a gift to my husband, I made my aunt Pam’s incredible peanut butter pie recipe and shoved it into little mini cupcake holders. Then, in an attempt to be cute, I wrote “Happy Hat Trickiversary!” on them because a hat trick in hockey is when you score three goals. It’s been three years. Three goals. Get it?

Well, my plan kind of flopped because I had a hard time lining up all of the little pies to spell “trickiversary” so when I gave him a photo of the pies (I wanted to give him the photo first so he’d jump up and down and say, “thank you now please give me those pies!”), there he stood, slowly mumbling, “Happy Hat Tricki…Trickiver…sary?” I had to explain it to him and even after I did, he still seemed a little confused. And then he thought that the gift was the PHOTO and that I had actually made them and ate them without him. He was all like, “Thanks for this photo!” Dude. Come on! I mean I know I eat a lot of desserts but am I really that much of a sweets monster that I would only give him an image of some awesome pies that I made and ate all by myself?

He said that the pies tasted amazing so at least that went well.

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  1. That’s hilarious that he thought you ate all of those pies and then only showed him a picture as proof. That would be some kind of cruel present! ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy Hattrickiversary!!

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