strawberry pecan stuffed french toast

Happy August, friends! August is usually my least favorite month of the year here in NYC due to the heat, humidity and sweat/urine/trash fumes that have been growing stronger and stronger in the subway stations over summer. But I’m here to tell you that it’s totally different this year and now I just can’t get enough of August and all that it brings to my daily commute and attempts to do anything whatsoever outdoors!

I’m lying. It’s gross. I feel like I’ve been bathing in sweat for the past six weeks. But at least I have french toast.

This Strawberry Pecan Stuffed French Toast is my recipe for the month of August at One Green Planet. It’s dipped and stuffed and cooked to a crisp. Click it, make some breakfast for dinner and then bring it over to my place and we’ll watch Olympic gymnastics under the air conditioner, okay?

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  2. My computer only displays the picture and comments for the strawberry pecan stuffed French toast…..and I neeeeed to know how to make this. Any help? :(

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