vegan perfume giveaway!

 UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed

Sweet Anthem Handmade Perfumes has launched four new fragrances for the summer and because I love you all more than I love cookie dough chunks floating in brownie batter, I’m giving away a $25 gift certificate to Sweet Anthem to one soon-to-be-awesome-smelling reader.

The gift certificate can be used for anything in Sweet Anthem’s online shop, or if you’re lucky enough to be hanging out in Seattle, you can walk right into the shop and spend your dough in person.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me what your summer plans are (or winter plans! Hi Southern Hemisphere friends!) up until midnight EST on Friday, July 6.

Sweet Anthem Handmade Perfumes

If it takes a few hours for your comment to post, don’t fret. Moose and I are out of town, breathing mountain air and admiring grizzly bears (from afar), and it might take me longer than usual to approve comments.



This giveaway is sponsored by me, your cake-loving BFF. Sweet Anthem Handmade Perfumes did not pay me to pimp their perfume.

68 thoughts on “vegan perfume giveaway!

  1. Winter plans are all go in Sydney. Lots of cooking of soups and stews (vegan of course!). Plus spending time snuggled up: 1) inside with family and friends; and 2) in beds with lots of books – to distract me from the cold.

  2. My summer plans include a trip to Seattle and Portland just after the 4th of July!! I would love to visit this shop and it would be great to bring a $25 gift certificate with me :)

  3. I’m going back to the States for six weeks, to visit family and fill up on good vegan food. Then, it’s back to teaching English in China! If I luck out, I’ll be able to stay in a yurt in Mongolia; if not, at least I can visit the Great Wall and Inner Mongolia.

  4. Thanks for the post on the vegan perfumes! Even though I am not vegan myself I am finding myself steer more and more towards vegan body and bathroom products. It has been the best change I had made! Vegan products are much better for the skin, all natural and not made up of all of those random chemicals! My skin, especially on my face has never been better!

    I am from the southern hemisphere, Australia to be precise, on the cold little island at the bottom called Tasmania! It is beautiful! So I guess my plans for this winter is to keep warm and cook myself lots of hearty yummy vegetable soups!! Yum yum!! 😀

  5. You love me more than cookie dough floating in brownie batter? That may be the nicest thing anyone has ever told me. My summer plans involve bike rides, long hikes, farmers markets, outdoor art shows, my birthday, my anniversary, and my 5-year vegan-niversary! (I just love summer. It’s the best.)

    Have fun on your vacation! I hope you get lots of great pics!

  6. Ooo, ooo, oooooooooo. Ok… summer plans. Work. Next week my sister is coming to DC and we’re doing the tourist thing with her family and my boyfriend. And in August I’m going to Orlando and then taking two weeks off for a ‘stay-cation!’ Have a great time with the grizzlies! 😀

  7. My summer is going to be spent at farmers’ markets around Quebec, selling vegan cupcakes/pies/cookies to people and getting them comfortable with vegan food. Maybe there will be the occasional side trip into Vermont and New Hampshire for hiking/biking and picnicking!

  8. lots of traveling this summer with the family…the last two weeks have been no fun though, I had the flu…now the kids have it!! Looking forward to my prize from EB and our trip to SF…it’s all booked and we are going in August…first trip without the kids and we can’t wait!



  9. I’ve wanted to try these for a long time! Um, this summer I’ll be taking lots of mini-trips around New England- including some day trips to Martha’s Vineyard. :)

  10. I’m working through my weight in yarn and coming up with patterns this summer. Trying to earn my title of indie designer. And trying to avoid fires, though they are closing in around us here in Wyo. Perfume would be a very nice alternative to eau de smoke.

  11. My summer plans are to enjoy the time off and be in my garden. There might be another train trip to Michigan also. I am a full time culinary student and opted for summer classes as well. It will be nice to enjoy my kids and garden and not worry about homework and running around. O always have to defend myself not eating meat, in culinary school and actually asked at one point “why do you want to be s chef when you don’ eat th what!? I eat so much, I will never defend my choice I can only educate and share my choice. So I will have a month to relax and cook what I love. And enjoy the foods and scents of the season :) thank you for making vegan products.

  12. Hello! I will be spending my summer working on my masters in Computer Information Systems (not so exciting, but oh well). And hopefully smelling more lovely in the process. :)

  13. Summer plans: work, yoga, try to lose weight, see friends and get back on a horse after a year of not riding due to an accident.

  14. My summer plans, which will only come about end August, is to spend a blissful 11 days on the magical island of Malapascua in The Philippines, to laze around white sandy beaches, sipping fresh fruit shakes, diving with the Thresher Sharks and Manta Rays at dawn and island hopping to more pristine lil’ sandy islands. Truly paradisical!

  15. I am going to drink my weight in sweet tea and read many, many, many books. And take every opportunity to grill – especially tofu & gorgeous farmers market vegetables.

  16. Our only summer plans include taking a short weekend trip to Chattanooga, and then just enjoying the town. I’ve already found a few options for dining on Happy Cow …

  17. Summer plans include lots of laying around, enjoying and playing with our two young children, without letting the inevitable mess of two young children take over the house (easier said than done).

  18. I have a lot of summer travel for work this year, but hope to squeeze in some “staycations” with the boyfriend! Thanks so much for the giveaway :)

  19. My summer plans are to have my first baby! We are having a little girl in the next few weeks, so I am looking forward to spending time doing the mom thing :)

    Thanks, great giveaway!

  20. Summer plans include spending as much time as possible outside, soaking in the sun, enjoying the local farmer’s markets, riding my often-neglected bike, and hopefully going to the beach at least once or twice. I love summer!

  21. My summer plans are enjoying our annual drive to Seattle, visiting with my brother and his family and a few days at a beach house in Yachats, OR.. And keeping up with your blog- don’t forget the kitty pictures, I love those!

  22. Well, I am going to an Irish Dance camp, vacation, moving to a new state, and working at my local equestrian center with my four-legged buddies :)

  23. As a Biochem Grad student I will be spending most of my summer in the lab (even weekends!) but I will be getting away to the cottage on Georgian Bay here in Ontario as much as I can!!


  24. My summer plans this year seem to involve a lot of big life events. First family vacation in 10 years with my brother and parents next week, defending my Master’s thesis somewhere in here, and getting married in August :) Also, attending oodles of weddings for fantastic people I love!

  25. My summer plans include gardening, going to the Oregon Country Faire, having a wonderful time at Tiki Kon weekend and celebrating my son’s birthdays (and my own birthday-this would be a great present to myself)!!

    Thank you for doing this giveaway, Sweet Anthem is awesome!

  26. wow, this store looks amazing!

    My summer plans were to go to Portland, ME for a weekend and San Francisco for a week. Since those were already accomplished, the rest of my summer plans include having surgery next week and helping my boyfriend move to NYC in August. We may go camping yet. Otherwise, I will be working on items for my shop.

  27. Working…. but I’m a part-time nanny, so that helps me get out and enjoy the sunshine with kids!

    Thanks for the giveaway and your wonderful, fun website! LOVE it!

  28. This summer is all about balance, renewal and health for me… Recharging my batteries after a tough year of teaching, getting back into old whole food habits, exercising and sleeping more consistently… A Sweet Anthem treat would really be the cherry on top!

  29. I’ve recently realized that I might have enough flex time to take a week off later in the summer, so I’ve started planning a vacation! I’m not sure where to go or what to do, but the thought of a vacation is almost too exciting.

  30. I’m about to take off to go camping in northern Michigan for a week and I can’t wait! I have a few other smaller camping/hiking trips planned and I’m headed to NYC to visit my best friend soon, too. Summer of trips!

  31. My husband and I just returned from Yellowstone national park which was our big trip for the summer. The rest of the summer I plan on putting around in my garden and baking.

  32. My big plans this summer include packing up a home and moving it 1700 miles away. Also in the mix is starting up at the gym, as I’m moving to a place where it’s currently scheduled to be 95°today, so I’ll need to get this bod back into spaghetti strap tank top form. I should probably get a little more fun in my life, eh? :)

  33. I am going to volunteer with people with disabilities in India next Wednesday for a month! After that I am getting stuck into my final year college research project and training to run my first 5k while doing plenty of baking! 😛

  34. My summer plans involve a lot of gardening (our first home and I’ve already ripped up 1/3 of the lawn for edibles), welcoming friends to Seattle from Hawaii, the new Great Wheel on the pier, winery concerts, and hunting for antiques. This is a beautiful time of year in the PNW!

  35. I’m going back to the family apple farm in Upstate NY for a couple of weeks and taking a trip to Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec City~

  36. I don’t have anything extravagant planned for the summer because I mostly plan to just work, a lot. But I am going to make sure I hit the beach at least once, and visit a friend of mine in DC next month! I do plan to take advantage of all of the great summer farmer’s/flea markets happening in my area though :)

  37. We were planning on lots of hiking but all the wildfires here in Colorado, not to mention the record high temps, have thrown a wrench in those plans. So we’re going to try and train one of our cats to walk on a leash instead :)

  38. this summer will hopefully find me finishing my essays and applications to grad school, and a road trip to visit my son in nevada…not much else. working, cooking, and trying to master the perfect vegan cupcake. thanks for all your great pics and recipes…you are awesome and inspiring.

  39. my summer plans include staying cool, eating tons of fresh fruit and veggies and taking care of my family (including my animals!)
    i would also enjoy some shopping for new fragrances!

  40. My summer plans are simple- make the most of good times with friends, explore new places in Los Angeles, and at the very end of summer (mid-september), hoping on doing a road trip up the coast of California! :) These perfumes look amazzzzing!

  41. My summer plans include being a nanny, going to the beach, and eating coconut milk ice cream!

  42. My summer plans include: working (at Starbucks!), writing music, attending all of my hubby’s crazy Army get-togethers/concerts, and travelling a tiny bit — just to see my brother graduate from Basic Training! I just graduated from college, so it’s weird to think I won’t be going back to school in the fall. :)

  43. thanks so much for hosting this giveaway :) my summer plans include taking my parents on a roadtrip down the california coast, with stops at santa barbara, disneyland, and possibly vegas.

  44. Mostly I’m just working this summer. 😛 But I’m only working part-time, so that leaves some time for lounging around, taking walks, reading, and playing The Sims. I’m lazy.

  45. My plans for this summer include university exams (ouch!), reading a LOT of books and a travel to Pantelleria (Italy)

  46. We’ve got a big family reunion this year, plus teaching art and enjoying great vegan BBQs. Oh, and baseball games, lots of baseball games. :)

  47. Apparently this summer I will spend most of my time trying not to die in the humid Kentucky heat. (And trying not to stink!) I’ll need all the help I can get, so some smell goods would be great! Aside from survival, I will be going to the lake, cooking up a storm, and trying to convince my family that I’m not crazy for going vegan. Wish me good luck!

  48. I’m taking a week off this month to finish writing a craft book, but other than that, my plan is to relax and enjoy living so close to friends and family after years of being away.

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  50. Summer plans including training for two marathons at the end of September – so lots of sweaty outdoor miles!

  51. Now that I’ve graduated, my summer plans are to find full time employment and also to take a three week road-trip on the West Coast of the US!

  52. I’ve kicked off my summer with 4 fabulous days in Paris and am planning a Pittsburgh vacation with my Mom, niece and 2 great-nephews! I love your website and cannot wait to try this cornbread recipe! Thanks

  53. I’m also just back from vacation-four wonderful days in Paris! I fell in love with the Eiffel Tower and the food! Love your site & can’t wait to make this new recipe.

  54. My summer plans are to keep my running miles up to about 100+ and have some good friends visit me out here in Huntington Beach, CA!

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