mini neapolitan cupcakes – a guest post at Como Water

Hi gang! I have a guest post today over at one of my very favorite blogs written by one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. If you’re not already familiar with Tiff and Como Water, now is a great time to click on over to explore her creative vegan and vegetarian recipes. She’s just so darn amazing! A couple days ago she posted a recipe for Sweet Potato-Poblano Lasagna. Who doesn’t want to devour that? I know I do. So does Harrison, but we won’t let him.

Tiff also uses Como Water as a teaching tool and her current series, Farm Bill 101, is one of my favorites so far. You will also find inspiring quotes and a super helpful Q&A and resources section. Plus, there are Mini Neapolitan Cupcakes waiting for you!

Oh and PS…


7 thoughts on “mini neapolitan cupcakes – a guest post at Como Water

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  2. I just found your site from the No More Mallows contest (by the way, can’t wait to try your burgers!) and I noticed this picture with the KY shirt! I see that you live in Brooklyn though? Are you originally from KY or just happen to have the shirt? I’m a Kentuckian, so that’s why I ask.

    I’m looking forward to following your site because we’re slowly trying to make the switch over to vegan.

    • Hi Danielle! Yes, I’m from southeast Kentucky and I live in Brooklyn now but go back all the time to see family and friends. I’m so happy to meet a fellow Kentuckian! Go cats!

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