friday five and some butter love

Oh, hi. It’s me again. I’m reaching out to you twice in one day! Is this a record?

In addition to the super awesome Teal Cat Project news below, I want to say thank you to Robin from The Hungry Birdie for featuring me in her Friday Five today!

Robin is a super cute vegan living in Ottawa and her blog is GORGEOUS. She’s also a law student and it blows my mind that she is able to juggle everything in her life so beautifully. Please head over there and check out The Hungry Birdie. It will become one of your favorite blogs, I promise.

And finally, a big giant THANK YOU to the folks at Made Just Right for putting the spotlight on my vegan raspberry butter today.

I know you’ve already seen the butter if you follow this blog, but you should still go over to Made Just Right because they’re giving away free Earth Balance to a lucky commenter! I love free stuff, don’t you?

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be in a long line at Trader Joe’s, stocking up on Tofurkey* Day ingredients!


*I do not plan to actually buy Tofurkey. I’ve never had Tofurkey. Have you? It intimidates me.



8 thoughts on “friday five and some butter love

  1. I feel like a bad vegan for saying this (because it seems everyone shuns the preservative/additive-laden tofurky) but I freaking love tofurky. It’s definitely salty but I find the texture and taste spot on. I look forward to it every year. Since I went vegan for the ethical reasons and not because I dislike the taste of meat (although obviously the thought of meat at this point is pretty gross) I have nothing against “faux” meats! :)

  2. First, I am sorry I haven’t stopped by in awhile…life has been a bit crazy! Second, I am about to put you on my blog roll, of blogs I love, you are fantastic! I receive the Made Just Right emails, and read the raspberry butter, and loved the recipe! Just gorgeous! I just made an acorn squash, and put a raspberry sauce over it. You could totally put your raspberry butter on the acorn squash instead:-) YUM! Hugs, Terra

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