a great gift idea and a giveaway! – updated

Congrats to Cindy! You’ve won the LifeonRecord package!

The details are on their way to you via e-mail. I hope you love LifeOnRecord just as much as I did!


You guys. I have something awesome for you. It’s something that you can give, share, listen to, love and cherish forever and ever. And for one lucky reader, it’s FREE!

Let’s go way back in time…to two whole days ago…

This past weekend I flew to the bluegrass state to surprise my mom for her 50th birthday. She had no idea that I was coming. She had no idea that my grandma and I had planned a surprise party for her. I even showed up with a little vegan decoy cake from Whole Foods so she wouldn’t think any other surprises were in store.

Best of all,  she had no idea that her family and friends had all contributed to give her what I feel is one of the best gifts of all time.

I present to you…

“With a simple toll-free call, LifeOnRecord lets friends and family record their well-wishes, congratulations, gratitude, encouragement, and words of support to create a one-of-a-kind gift.

How it Works – Friends and family call a toll-free number and hear a personal greeting from you inviting them to leave a favorite story, memory, or wish. The caller leaves a meaningful message and has the option to review what they recorded and re-record it if necessary.

As each recording comes in, it’s available on our website within seconds. You’ll be able to play the recordings online and through iTunes, and you’ll have control over what recordings make it to the final CD and in what order. You can either download the recordings to your computer for free and make your own CD, or we’ll send you one. It’s that simple!”

And I’m telling you, it really was that simple! I sent out emails and letters to family and friends letting them know that there was a toll-free number to call to leave a Happy Birthday message for my mom. I gave them a deadline, and as the messages were left they were sent straight to my e-mail address. I downloaded them to iTunes, put them in order, and it was finished!

It really was the best gift ever. My mom loved it and I know that she is always going to cherish the kind words, jokes and stories that her loved ones shared with her.

I wrote to LifeOnRecord and explained that I was going to write a post about how great they are and asked if they had a promo code or something that I could give to TTV readers. I explained that I’d be bragging about their service regardless, so there was no pressure for them to offer anything. Want to know how generous they are?

LifeOnRecord would like to give one lucky reader a full unlimited plan package for their service, worth $49.95!

To enter, just leave a comment below telling me about the best birthday gift you’ve ever received. One lucky commenter will be chosen at random, and comments must be left by this Friday, 10/7, at midnight EST.

In the meantime, head on over to LifeOnRecord to learn more about this unique 50th birthday gift for my mom

I’m thinking Harrison might want one of these for his birthday next year.

The entire disc can include his favorite phrases from me, including “It’s dinner time!” and “Who wants a tummy rub? You want a tummy wub you wittle baby waby?”


Disclaimer: LifeOnRecord didn’t pay me a dime to ramble on and on about how great they are. I just think they’re great.


9 thoughts on “a great gift idea and a giveaway! – updated

  1. This sounds so awesome! The best birthday present I ever got dates back to the 80s when my parents bought me a tape recorder. I could play my cassette tapes AND record myself singing. Many embarrassing tapes still exist that document this year of my life.

  2. Hi,
    First I have to thank you for your amazing recipes. (Sometimes I still forget if I’ve done something already, so I will guess that you won’t mind if you are hearing it again.) I am a new vegan and I held a get together where everyone brought a vegan dish and then presented their dish, ingredients, etc and then samples were there for anyone to tast. I made your Banana Cake with Creme Cheese and Coconut Frosting. I have pictures if you care to see them. This thing turned out so good, people waited until the very end to get a taste of this cake. There was not a crumb left. I barely got to eat it myself. Ah-ma-zing!

    Back to the best birthday gift ever. Back in 2004 I had ovarian cancer. I was 38, and naturally I lost my hair after the first chemo. I was diagnosed 5-26-04, a date I can’t forget. On Jan. 17th, not only was I still kicking, but I had enough hair on my head to wear a hat that said, “Cancer, the Real Enemy”. I had won my fight AND had a head of hair to boot. That was the best birthday ever.

  3. what a cool idea! this would be so great for my brother in law in afghanistan!
    best gift: a pink and white beach cruiser. i named her sally and we have had many lovely rides since she came into my life 2 years ago. (my boyfriend locked her up outside of the restaurant where we were having dinner and surprised me as we were walking up. as much as i loved the bike, i think the real gift is having a boyfriend who is that awesome.)

  4. How cool! This would be an awesome gift to share with my mom for Christmas.
    My best gift: my husband (then boyfriend) knew I wanted a certain cd super bad, so he gathered up all the change he could find and used it to buy me the cd. He’s always been so incredibly kind and generous. I love him like mad!!

  5. Thanks for the great recipes! This sounds like a great gift and I know my 92 year old Grandma would LOVE it!

    My favorite birthday present or at least the most memorable was probably the $50 bill from my Grandma on my 18th birthday. I had just gotten my first flat tire (on my birthday!) and didn’t have the money to fix it. Thanks Grandma!

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