upside down peach brownies

Right now I’m looking at a banana peel and a half empty cup of iced coffee.

Wait, hold on. What does it say about me that I automatically typed “half empty” and not “half full?”

Maybe I’m just cranky because I was covered in gross summer sweat filth before I even stepped on the subway this morning.

Or maybe I just wish I had more coffee?

I’ll go psychoanalyze myself on my own time.

I’m here to tell you about two important things.

1. I was hanging out over at Sandra’s Easy Cooking one day and I came across her Upside Down Peach Brownies.  How genius is that? She’s a genius, folks. She’s also super nice, so nice in fact that she let me adapt her recipe and make it vegan for One Green Planet. I hope you’ll go check it out. I also hope you’ll check out her new cookbook, Sandra’s Easy Cooking: Savoring the Sweet Moments. I really love the title. We should all savor the sweet moments, just like I’m savoring this half empty cup of iced cofee.

2. Court Kitty celebrated his birthday recently. He’s 3 now, or so we think. We found him on the streets in Brooklyn back in 2009 and the vet said he was probably 1 year old, so we went with that.

We celebrate his birthday on the anniversary of the day we found him, walking down the sidewalk at midnight and meowing at everyone he saw. It took us almost two weeks to successfully catch him and whisk him off to the vet to be cleaned up and checked out.

We had planned to give him to a no-kill kitty rescue organization because we already had two cats in a tiny apartment and we felt like it would be too much. But the night before we were supposed to drive him up there, Moose turned to me and said, “We have to keep him.” He sat down and started typing an email that said something along the lines of, “we are going to keep Court” when Court walked up to him and snuggled his legs. It was the first time Court Kitty had snuggled either of us. It’s like he knew what was happening and he was saying thank you.

He hasn’t stopped snuggling us since. Except for when he takes a break to chew on things.

12 thoughts on “upside down peach brownies

    • No way! I took this photo the other day when I went to the chiropractor. The G train took like seventeen hours to arrive that day!

  1. Oh, and also, sign me up for anything with peaches in it. Chocolate milkshake with peaches? Sure. Lasagna with peaches? Why not.

  2. Happy B-day to Court Kitty! :)) and thank you so much for what you wrote, I appreciate it so so much…I am also so happy that you enjoyed peaches and chocolate:)) One crazy and yummy combo:)) Have a wonderful day Nikki and thank you again!!!!

  3. Peaches and chocolate – This is a combo I have never tried, but I will soon! Delish. Happy Birthday to Court Kitty!! She looks like a distant relative to my three cats.

  4. I just discovered your blog and spent the whole afternoon reading every post! Hilarious! Your cat’s are amazing, I haven’t seen mine in almost 2 years and I’m going back home tomorrow and they are going to get some serious snuggling! (oh yeah and your recipes are pretty amazing too haha)

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