stay warm in the storm, kids!

My husband and I are supposed to be snuggled up in our pajamas in my parents’ living room tonight, sipping cocoa and eating our weight in desserts. Instead, we are here:

Ta da! A hotel in Roanoke, Virginia!

We’re trying to get home to NYC before this storm hits

We left Kentucky as soon as we saw the weather forecast this afternoon. We made it to Roanoke before it got too dark out and we decided to stop.

As sad as we were to have our family time cut short, we were feeling super lucky to have found a hotel with a full kitchen. I had been in charge of making a few vegan recipes for Christmas dinner, and before we left I packed the ingredients I’d need to whip up a couple of dishes and a dessert for us to enjoy in our room.

Look at these goodies!

And these yummy sweet potatoes, ready to be transformed into Fat Free Vegan Kitchen’s Sweet Potato Casserole

We had thrown together a few dishes and we were feeling so proud of ourselves. We’d managed to pack up our things and hit the road within 30 minutes of realizing we needed to leave. We’d remembered to grab apples and cinnamon and oats. We’d made it safely to the hotel, thrown the ingredients together quickly and were ready to bake some delicious food.

I picked up a pan, turned around to preheat the oven and then realized…

Wait for it…


If this were The Office, this would be the moment when Jim Halpert gives the camera a blank stare.

How did we miss that? I have no idea.

That pan on the sink is full of a vegan version of Joy the Baker’s Sit and Stay Awhile Apple Crisp. It was going to be super yummy, I just know it.

There was really nothing left to do but laugh at ourselves and then salvage what we had left of Christmas dinner.

Luckily, my mom had given us a can of baked beans before we walked out the door (thank you, mom!). We had a few rolls and the sweet potatoes that fortunately had not yet been mixed with the other casserole ingredients.

Include some Ale-8-One and we have ourselves a party!

Honestly, we’re just happy to have food, shelter and each other. We’re going to try to drive the rest of the way tomorrow before the worst of the weather hits. Stay safe and warm, fellow travelers! I can’t wait to get home to snuggle this guy


2 thoughts on “stay warm in the storm, kids!

  1. NO OVEN!? Wow, well you really did make the best of it and can have a feast when you get home. I hope when you read this you are home safe snuggling with that cute little kitty!

    • We got home safe this afternoon, thankfully. I hope everyone else is warm and safe by now, too. Happy almost New Year!

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